Music composer and singer Adnan Sami often becomes the target of Pakistani trollers who don't miss a chance to say mean thing to the singer. But this time around Adnan Sami gave a fitting reply to these trollers who claimed that India was 'cleaning the Taj Mahal ahead of United States of America President Donald Trump's visit to the monument. Adnan's savage reply left the trollers red-faced.

Adnan Sami and Donald Trump
Adnan Sami and Donald Trump

'Pakistan did not even have the Taj Mahal to clean it'

A Pakistan netizen shared a video where a fire brigade is spraying water on to the replica, to boast about the 'creation of Muslim rulers' and claim that Muslims were treated as 'second class citizens' in India under 'BJP+ RSS ideas.' Adnan replied how the troll needed to clean his mind and intentions first and how Pakistan did not even have the Taj Mahal to clean it.

He also poked fun at how the troll's 'respectful eyes' could not see that it was not the real Taj Mahal, but the replica in Bhopal. The Tu Yaad Aaya artist sarcastically wrote how the person was 'awed' at just seeing the copy and how his 'limited exposure' won't let him deal with the 'awesomeness' of the real one'.

 Meanwhile, Adnan shared a funny welcome video for President Donald Trump in India earlier in the day. He shared a fun-filled video of Malhari song from Bajirao Mastani, with the US President's face morphed on it.

 Trump, along with First Lady Melania Trump visited the historic monument, Taj Mahal. Before the visit, Trump delivered a rousing speech at the Motera Stadium, hailing India's achievements and ties with the USA and visiting the Sabarmati Ashram on arrival in Ahmedabad. The President and PM Modi will hold crucial discussions in New Delhi towards the end of the two-day tour.