Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans received a new Dark Spell Factory update.Facebook

As promised in its recent reveals, Supercell has diligently handed out a new Summer update to Clash of Clans players, titled 'The Dark Spell Factory.'

This new update will give players three new spells, -- Poison, Earthquake and Haste -- a more powerful Dragon with Dragon Level 5 and a second Air Sweeper. This update will also be bringing about the Legend League Tournament and Legend Trophies.

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So Clash of Clans players will get the Harness Dark Elixir at Town Hall 8, which will enable them to get Poison Spell (cloud of toxic that slows and drains the troops), Earthquake Spell (Takes away a percentage of the building's hitpoints) and Haste Spell (this will provide a speed boost with Rage Spell's half storage space.)

The update will introduce Titan League, Legend League and Legend League Tournaments. The update will also come with game balancing fixes and several improvements to the A.I and Interface of this mobile strategy game.

Below are the complete patch notes of the new update, The Dark Spell Factory:

The Rise of Master Spellcasters and Legends

  • The Dark Spell Factory is here with three new spells!
  • Dragon level 5 sets its golden gaze on Town Hall 10
  • A second Air Sweeper will help clear the skies, starting at Town Hall 9
  • New Leagues are here, including the Legend League Tournament and Legend Trophies!

The Dark Spell Factory

  • Harness Dark Elixir to make spells with advanced tactics, starting at Town Hall 8
  • Poison Spell: Make a toxic cloud that slows and drains the health of defending troops
  • Earthquake Spell: Rattles away the hitpoints from buildings and Walls
  • Haste Spell: The fastest speed boost ever, at half the storage space of a Rage Spell
  • These Dark Spells take half the space of regular spells. Mix, match and experiment!

New Leagues and the Legend League Tournament

  • Introducing Titan League and the ultra-prestigious Legend League at 5000 Trophies!
  • Legend League Tournaments are a new challenge for top players, ending once a month
  • Tournament Legends get their final standings featured in the Top Players tab and profile
  • Each tournament resets Legends to 5000 Trophies and converts extras into permanent Legend Trophies!

Game Balancing

  • Training times in the Spell Factory have been reduced
  • Extra Spells can now be queued in Spell Factories, even if your Spell Storage is full
  • All resource storages are now immune to all direct spell damage
  • Clan Tournaments are one month long and award more gems to more players per Clan
  • Barbarian, Archer, Dragon and P.E.K.K.A training cost adjusted for some levels
  • Several building hitpoint values have been increased
  • Inferno Tower's Single firing mode now charges to full power slightly faster
  • Dragon level 4 has been moved to Town Hall 9
  • Archer towers arrows travel faster so they "miss" less of their shots at range

A.I. Improvements

  • Troops and Heroes are less likely to target walls unnecessarily (even the Archer Queen)
  • Troops and Heroes will not continue bashing through walls to get to a destroyed target
  • Wall Breakers now avoid retargeting towards unnecessary walls when deployed in groups
  • Fixed rare cases where defending Heroes or defenses might get stuck and not attack

Interface Improvements

  • Train your army with a new Training button just above Attack - no more Barracks-hunting
  • Army Overview lets you view, request troops and edit your army, including spells!
  • Quick-tabs have been added to training views to make cycling between buildings easier
  • Troop selection when attacking has been cleaned up with new visuals and sounds
  • You can now filter offensive Clan Chat by enabling the Clan Chat Filter in the Settings
  • Arabic and Traditional Chinese languages are now supported!
  • Clash of Clans
    Clash of Clans gets a Dark Spell Factory update.Facebook
  • Clash of Clans
    Clash of Clans gets a Dark Spell Factory update.Facebook
  • Clash of Clans
    Clash of Clans gets a Dark Spell Factory update.Facebook
  • Clash of Clans
    Clash of Clans gets a Dark Spell Factory update.Facebook

Guide on using the Earthquake Spell, Haste Spell and Poison Spell

The new update, The Dark Spell Factory for Clash of Clans, will be introducing three new spells for the players. These spells need to be used judiciously and at the appropriate time to make best of them.

Guide to Earthquake Spell

YouTube user, Clash Of Clans – ClashOnGan has shared a video about the Earthquake Spell and how effectively to use it.

He says that the Earthquake Spell will eat on a percentage of building's remaining hitpoints. The damage to a Townhall in this spell will be different from damage to builder's hut.

So where to use this spell? Players can use them at the places below:

  • Buildings with high hitpoints.
  • A building that has already taken a hit once and has only a small percentage of its hitpoints still left.

So players can use to weaken certain points and then attack with the soldiers.

Players must note that storages will not be taking any damages from the lightning or earthquake spell.

Guide to Haste Spell

The Haste Spell is part of the new update and will speed up your attack when players attack. We know that certain soldiers like Golums, Baloons or Giants are very slow. So this will quicken their attack on the enemy.

Haste Spell will is also a Dark Spell and will be taking only one housing space. Thus it will help players to queue up many of them.

It is preferred to have a higher level, say Level 4 Haste Spell as it will speed up and will last longer that the ones at a lower level.

Guide to Poison Spell

As part of the Dark Spell Factory update, players will now be able to queue spells similar to how it was done with training soldiers.

The Poison spell too is a Dark Spell. It is important to know that Poison Spells will stack and the poison does not kill the attacking army.

Another important thing to know about the Poison spell is that they work against Dragons i.e Air Troops too can be attacked.

So players can draw out the Clan Castle troops and easily drop the Poison Spell. Though this spell will deal a severe blow to the Level 1 Heroes of the defending troops, for a higher Level Heroes attacking party will end up using more Poison spells, said YouTuber, Clash of Clans Attacks.