Clash of Clans
Supercell released its first sneak peek into Town Hall 11 update for Clash of Clans.Facebook

Clash of Clans, a freemium tower defence video game from developer Supercell, which gave the company higher revenue by its popularity, is out with its sneak peek of details for the upcoming Town Hall 11 update, slated to be released in December.

Also called the December update, the Town Hall 11 update was earlier confirmed following the completion of the first ever ClashCon 2015.

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YouTube user, PlayClashOfClans, revealed the first sneak peek of the Town Hall 11 update about the changes in Shied. These sneak peek will be running for two weeks since there will be a lot to cover as the update is a "huge" one. Supercell also carried a post on its Forum detailing the changes for the Shield system:

Shield changes

The changes brought to the Shield system will affect players as they have to make changes to the base designs.

  • Town Hall destruction no longer grants a shield - bring your Town Halls inside!
  • Attacking while shielded no longer breaks the entire shield, but instead costs a bit of shield time

So the new update will let players to get attacked, get a shield and then attack two or three times without sacrificing the shield. Players must note that the update will also be bringing the following changes to how players will get their hands on the shields:

  • A 12-hour shield is granted at 30% destruction
  • A 14-hour shield is granted at 60% destruction
  • A 16-hour shield is granted at 90% destruction

However, NO SHIELD is granted if the attacker does not deploy at least 50% of a full army.

It also revealed that when the shield is on, players will be able to attack in the following category:

  • Being shielded no longer prevents entering multiplayer matchmaking, browsing targets, or attempting revenge
  • Executing a multiplayer or revenge attack while shielded will deduct 3 hours from the remaining shield time
  • Additional attacks while shielded will deduct increasing amounts of shield (4 hours, 5 hours, etc...)

The post also revealed that Town Hall 11 update will also be adding new content and improvements to the Clash of Clans game:

  • New Village Guard
  • Rebalanced loot
  • Trophy offers

The idea, according to the post from Anoushka, is to create what she calls, a "balanced shield system," while noting that the shield system was "largely untouched" since the game was released.

It noted that the company is doing away with "free shields" from leaving the Town Hall outside. This, it argues, are due to the "complex way players use shields," and the intention is to make the existing gameplay strategies that are "fairer, better balanced, more flexible, more fun."

The new Shield system will let "players attack whenever they want while shielded at the cost of 3 hours shield time (though this cost increases with multiple attacks)," she added.

"Pressing the 'Revenge' button will not be prevented while shielded, but once the attack is performed, shield time will be deducted. If you press revenge and decide not to attack, you will not lose shield."

Meanwhile, Yibada has carried a report revealing a 1-Gem Boost on the second week of the Sneak Peeks rollout for a seven-day period before the rollout of Town Hall 11 update.

Other suggestions include possible deployment of a new Dark Troop called The Devastator, a new hero called The Magician and new spells.