Clash of Clans
Supercell reveals details of the upcoming Town Hall 11 update for Clash of Clans.Facebook

Clash of Clans, the popular tower defence video game from Supercell, is awaiting a major update â€” Town Hall 11 update — in December.

Supercell has noted that since this is a huge update, it will be running its Sneak Peek series for two weeks before the update's release.

It had previously released details on changes in the Shield system changes and the addition of the Village Guard and many more.

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In its official post in the Forum, Supercell's Anoushka said the Town Hall will be the chief target of the loot.

  • Available loot is now distributed to the Town Hall as well as storages (maximum loot is unchanged)
  • Town Halls contain a share of the loot equal to one Gold Storage, one Elixir Storage and 1/4 Dark Elixir storage
  • The Town Hall is now looted only when it is completely destroyed by an attacker
  • Town Hall Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir storage increases with Town Hall level
  • The Town Hall and Clan Castle now count as resource buildings, so Goblins can target them for double damage

She has also revealed that the League Bonus system will see some changes, like:

  • All League Bonuses have been significantly increased
  • League Bonus loot is now progressive from 0% to 100%, based on the destruction percentage of a victorious attack
  • 100% League Bonus is earned at 70% destruction

Changes will also be brought to players who vie for more Trophies as Clash of Clans players will see high-level players losing less from defence and gaining more from offence.

  • Trophy offers of defenders with less Trophies now increase based on total Trophy count
  • Trophy offers of defenders with more Trophies now decrease based on total Trophy count

Apart from this, there will be some general multiplayer matchmaking changes, like:

  • Available loot percentage on Town Hall levels 6 through 10 has been slightly increased
  • Multiplayer targets one Town Hall level lower are now worth slightly less loot to attackers
  • Multiplayer matchmaking is now less likely to offer targets at a 2-level Town Hall difference (only below Champion League)

Supercell has clarified that the goal of all these changes is that if an attacker is better, his war spoils must be better, too.