Facebook/Clash of Clans

Supercell, the developer behind popular mobile strategy video game "Clash of Clans," had previously outlined its intolerance with regards to players who cheated in a game and indulged in fraudulent behaviour. It had reiterated its commitment to "Fair Play" in all its mobile games, including the likes of "Boom Beach," "Hay Day" and "Clash Royale."

In a previous message, the company had made it clear that players who use third party software would be permanently banned after being warned.

In a new post, Supercell has detailed that it will ban all players, who are found to be using third party software, for a period of two weeks. And after this period, if the users are still found using the third party software, they will be handed out a permanent ban.

The company further added that these bans were "non-negotiable" and requested players to "uninstall any related 3rd Party Software" if they wanted their account to not be banned.

The company also noted that the "ban lengths and schedules are subject to change."

Supercell had previously noted that this was an ongoing initiative and not a "one-time thing," which is being implemented on all games from the company.