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Supercell, the developer behind popular mobile strategy video game "Clash of Clans," has said in a post on its website it is committed to "Fair Play," assuring players of providing a "level playing field."

The company has said outright it will not tolerate "cheating or fraudulent" behaviour.

"As part of our Fair Play policy, players using prohibited 3rd party software will face disciplinary action, including but not limited to: permanent ban, [sic]" the company said.

The company has also requested players to "steer clear" of the following:

  • Third-party software like hacks, mods, game-altering functionality, bots, gameplay automation or script.
  • Unauthorised gem-selling by exploiting private player data and stolen credit cards, and individuals selling in-game currency for real-world money.
  • Buying and selling advanced game accounts. It explained that the seller might take the money and never give the account, or might use the account and sell it to multiple users, and that such accounts are never secure.

Supercell has said any fraudulent behaviour in the game is "strictly prohibited." Apart from the fact that players could have compromised their accounts, they will also reportedly invoke penalties like "revoked currency, temporary game suspension and even permanent closure of the game account."

The developer also said it would not provide support for game accounts that have been found to have been involved in fraud.

Supercell also said this is an ongoing initiative and not a "one-time thing," which will be implemented on all games from the company.