Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans recently received a new Dark Spell Factory update.Facebook

Supercell's latest Clash of Clans update, The Dark Spell Factory, will keep players occupied over the weekend. Besides, the company has also announced return from its maintenance break and fixed issues that were reported.

We know fans had taken to Reddit to speak out on issues in the game post the new update, like Wall Breaker AI and others.

So, the company released a list of fixes that includes changes in the League badges and Clan War Matchmaking. It went on to maintain that it tried to "change" the Wall Breaker AI.

  • We fixed an issue in Clan War matchmaking that prevented some clans from finding a match.
  • Wall Breaker AI change did not work as intended and we reverted it back to the pre-update AI.
  • Clan War star requirements for Clan XP were wrong in wars that were started or in progress after the update. After today's maintenance all NEW wars will have correct values (should be 40% and 60%, not 5% and 10%).
  • We fixed wrong names for Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese in the Language selection menu.
  • League badges visual improvements in own village.

Further, it's promise of "more improvements coming soon" is sure to go down well with fans.

The update also mentions Champion league too getting "one week shield."

Supercell recently dropped the Dark Spell Factory update for Clash of Clans that adds content and brings changes to the game.

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Three new spells - Poison, Earthquake and Haste - will be part of the update. It will also allow Dragons to go on Level 5, second Air Sweeper. Also, part of the update will be Legend League Tournament and Legend Trophies.