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Clash of Clans will add a update to mobile forums.Facebook

Supercell, the developer behind one of the most popular and successful tower defence mobile games Clash of Clans, has announced that it will be updating the mobile forums. And during the maintenance, these forums will not be accessible.

"Today we will put the forums in maintenance to update the mobile forum experience (it is a massive update). I can't say for how long the maintenance will last, but hopefully not too long. We will also make other minor tweaks here and there," said the post from Supercell.

"During the maintenance the forums will not be accessible," it added.

The post has reiterated that this will be a massive update and it will also contain some minor changes.

Apart from this, Supercell has also started a thread under the Ideas and Requests sections called Forums for Mobiles.

Supercell of late has been conducting several maintenance breaks. It conducted one on 22 September, which led to fixing of some minor bugs and ensured smooth gameplay. It will also be bringing some improvements to the server.

There was another one on 23 September, which Supercell said was "unexpected server maintenance."

In a month's time, on 24 October, Supercell will host its first ever community event offering players tournaments, workshops, panel discussions, challenges, 5-on-5 Clan Wars and some special gifts. This will be featuring players from more than 30 countries.

Meanwhile, Supercell has challenged Clans that think they are the best to "Get together with your clan and make a short video, submit it to our team, and you could win a trip to ClashCon 2015 in Helsinki for you and four (4) of your clanmates!"

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If selected, the Clanmates will not only win a trip to ClashCon but will also be provided with flights, accommodations and event tickets for ClashCon. Along with this, the Clans will be taking the centre stage at the conference where they will be facing off against others.

It has also listed the rules of the contest and one of them is that the participating team members must be above 18 years age.

Contest rules:

  • In order to win the contest and win a trip to ClashCon 2015 your entire party must be old enough to travel. The minimum age is 18 but please note that the age limit for traveling abroad might be higher in your Country/State. You must be 18 years of age or older by the time of travel.
  • You must also have a valid passport and any other required travel documents (like a Visa). Supercell will not assist or advise you in securing you a visa or other documents required to travel to Finland. Find out if your country requires a visa to visit Finland by clicking here.
  • ClashCon is on October 24th, and you must be able to travel to Helsinki, Finland from October 22-25th, 2015. If you are not available to travel on these dates, Supercell reserves the right to rescind the prize and choose a different winner.
  • You and your party are required to submit all necessary travel information, including personal information, passport photos, etc., by October 4, 2015. If you fail to do so, we will not be able to award you the aforementioned prize.
  • The above requirements apply to ALL members of your party
  • Supercell employees, moderators and partners are not eligible to participate in the contest.
  • Prize is NOT redeemable for monetary value. If you cannot join us in Helsinki on October 24th, we will determine a different winner of the prize.
  • You and your clanmates can only be a member of one and the same clan in this contest.
  • The submitted content must be suitable for publishing and you must ensure that you have all rights and permissions to submit it. We may use and publish your submissions in connection with ClashCon and reserve the right to use the submissions for marketing purposes.
  • The contest is organised by Supercell Oy with address Itämerenkatu 11-13, FI-00180 Helsinki, Finland. We reserve the right to change these rules or disqualify any contestant for inappropriate conduct as we deem suitable.

Dates in a nutshell:

  • 23 September : Contest starts
  • 2 October, 2015: Deadline and winner announced
  • 22-25 October ,2015: Travel dates