Clash of Clans
Clash of Clans gets a new Halloween update.Facebook

Clash of Clans developers Supercell have announced that a new Halloween update for this tower defence game is now live.

It announced in its official forums page that the players of Clash of Clans can now head to the AppStore and GooglePlay to update the game to the latest version, in order to get the optional Halloween update.

Though this update is not as big as it was expected, it comes a day before Supercell's ClashCon event in Helsinki, Finland. Many players have predicted the possibility of Supercell announcing details of new updates.

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So what do we get in Halloween update?

The answer is 'not much, but still worth the update'. The players will get the following:

  • Harvest some bonus Elixir from special Halloween Cauldron obstacles
  • 1-gem Spell Factory boost special

The one gem Spell Factory boost will run through the Halloween weekend.

Supercell even went on a maintenance break to upkeep its server. But it is back online now.

Recently, Supercell had released a new September update to Clash of Clans that brought upgraded Spells -- Lightning, Poison, Earthquake and Freeze. It had also added 25 more walls, upgraded visuals for Wall Level 11, seven day shield for Titan 3 and 2.