Clash of Clans, the free-to-play tower defence mobile video game that has gained wide popularity for its gameplay and characters, is the handiwork of developer Supercell.

Though the game constantly doles out updates, with the last one being 'The Dark Spell Factory' -- which brought to the game new types of spells like Poison, Earthquake and Haste. Further, this update -- released in June -- brought Legend League Tournament, Dragon Level 5 and Second Air Sweeper.

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Supercell recently announced that it had released a small optional update that tweaked troop selection in the game.

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But between the games, Clash of Clans has its own fun series of comics and video based on the characters in the game that has been titled as Clash-A-Rama.

Clash-A-Rama comics and videos are wonderfully conceptualised and capture the funny side of the characters that are otherwise a war-hungry lot.

Below, we have put together some of the best Clash-A-Rama comics and videos:

Soldier of Darkness

The Barbarian finds himself holding a sub instead of his famed sword!

 The Hammer Store

A store filled with hammer in a Clash of Clans village is not surprising.

The Barbarian Text

Archer shoots some messages to the Barbarian.

Designated Driver

Times when the Hog reins the rider.


Barbarian gets burnt ones.

 Wallbreaker Kid

Wallbreakers die young.

Hog Birthday

Rider accepts Hog's birthday wishes!

Master of the Dark Art

Not a high Wizard?

Lava Pup

Lava Hound hides skeletons.

Comic Clash-A-Rama Videos 

Good Morning, Village


A Day In The Life of Barbarian #47


The Healer


A Giant's Life


The Wall Breaker's Check-Up