Cinderella and Four Knights
Lead casts, Lee Jung-shin and Park So-dam, seems optimistic Cinderella and Four Knights season 2.Facebook/Cinderella and Four Knights

Cinderella and Four Knights fans are yet to get an official confirmation from tvN regarding the next instalment of the popular period drama, but speculations on season 2 have been rife for a while now.

The prime reason for the recent buzz is reportedly a post that popped up on the official Facebook page of the mini-series. The said post asked the followers if they were satisfied with the finale and several of them responded with a "No."

While many of the fans stated that the show had an abrupt ending, some of them even urged for a second season. The messages ranged from, "No..i need more story. How come it becomes 4 knights? I don't understand the story .you twist it and how about secretary lee? Season 2 please" to "definitely no! I'm not satisfied."

Meanwhile, lead cast members of Cinderella and Four Knights also shared their thoughts about the finale, which aired on October 1. While Lee Jung-shin stated that it was a memorable journey, Park So-dam expressed her dissatisfaction on the abrupt end.

"Cinderella and Four Knights, it's really the end. In the beginning of the year, I was drawn toward Ha Won, and wanted to embrace Ha Won warmly, but all of a sudden it's already the end... I learned so much, and shared so much with the production, so I was happy," wrote the actress on her official Instagram page.

Since onscreen Eun Ha-won seems optimistic about a new instalment, rumour mills on Cinderella and Four Knights season 2 are on an overdrive. But tvN is yet to make an official announcement regarding the next instalment of its popular drama.