If you are planning a nice long vacation playing Xbox or PlayStation games online this Christmas, there is a good chance you may be disappointed. Following an attack on the PSN and Xbox Live last year, a group of hackers are threatening to do the same this Christmas but for one whole week.

Identified as Phantom Squad, the notorious hacker group shared a tweet on 9 December revealing their intentions to take down Xbox Live and PSN this month. This has left many gamers unhappy and furious, with tweets criticizing Phantom Squad's motives.

Phantom Squad also claimed responsibility for Reddit's recent downtime and is now conducting an online poll to decide its next target. Also, the hacker group shared a tweet on Tuesday "declaring war" on Lizard Squad.

Last year, Lizard Squad successfully attacked and took down Xbox Live and PSN gaming networks on Christmas Day. As a result, gamers around the world were unable to access the services. To end the revolt, renowned gamer Kim Dotcom promised 3,000 accounts on his encrypted upload service Mega, International Business Times recalls.

In wake of these threatening tweets, Dotcom warned Microsoft and Sony about the attacks.