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While kids all over the world will don the mighty Thor's costume on the occasion of Halloween, the Thor: Ragnarok actor has revealed that his children do not wish to dress up like the Marvel superhero this year.

Talking to ET, the father of three — five-year-old daughter India and three-year-old twin sons Tristan and Sasha — revealed that his kids don't want to be Thor this year. Instead, they want to take on the world as Wonder Woman.

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"I tried to convince them to dress like Thor, but they may be fans of Wonder Woman instead of myself, which is fine with me," Hemsworth revealed. "I'm a fan of Wonder Woman. I might even dress up as her. Why not, you know?" he added.

"I said, 'That's awesome, but what about Thor?' At the same time they went, 'No'," Hemsworth told Good Morning America regarding the incident.

"I went, 'Who's stronger?' They said, 'Wonder Woman.' I'm happy to play second [fiddle] to Wonder Woman," he added.

Hemsworth has expressed his admiration for the DCEU character earlier in the past. When Twitter erupted to see if Wonder Woman could beat Thor, the actor bowed down to accept defeat and admit that the DCEU character would beat the Marvel superhero hands down.

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As for Hemsworth's children, he said while all three want to don the Wonder Woman costume this Halloween, it is not confirmed if that will be their costume this year.

"Yeah, basically we brought a few options because my kids have a sporadic kind of change of heart, constantly and we'll see. I don't know what the official costume choice is yet," he said.

The actor, who has been promoting his MCU movie Thor: Ragnarok at different locations, will be looking forward to spending the spooky occasion with his family. "We're from Australia, so we never celebrated much there," he explained.

"In the bush, there wasn't really any houses around, so you're foraging through the trees for some berries. But they're excited now they're around the chocolate and the lollies," he told GMA.

Thor 3 has already surpassed the $100-million mark at the international box office as the film debuted a week early in a few international markets.

The film releases in the US on November 3 and is expected to go way past the $100 million domestically in just the opening weekend.