Chris Gayle, who is known for his devastating batting, is also famous for his extravagant party life. Gayle has now installed a strip club and a fancy upside down mirror inside his house in Jamaica.

The cricketing world is aware of the fact that one can get him out cheaply but none can draw the dynamism out of this big Jamaican. Recently, he posted a couple of photos of his newly-built strip club and the upside down mirror in just his boxers on Instagram.

The sole purpose of sprucing up his house with a strip club setting is to make the guests feel at home and help them enjoy.

Gayle stood beside a poll that will serve the purpose of a strip club and clicked a photo of him and shared it in the social media.

The caption of the photo is even more interesting. It said:

"From the pool to the strip club...if u don't have a strip club at home, U ain't a cricket 'Player' .. I always make sure my guest well entertained and feel like they are at home #LifeIsForLiving #DreamBig ✌️"

The left-handed explosive opening batsmen felt that one cannot be a cricket 'Player' if they don't have a strip club in the house.

He shared a photo of his upside down mirror as well. He is seen lying on his bed, named as 'Hanky-Panky Bed', wearing just a boxer. One can get any view of their choice while lying on the bed and that is the sole concept behind installing that upside down mirror, stated Gayle.

The caption of this photo is even more extravagant than the other: 

"And this is the 'Hanky Panky' bed with the mirror above to watch whatever view of your choice... It's feeling a bit dent at the moment lol some guest I presume had a ball in here.. Ain't calling no names #FullJoyLife I can't wait for my friend to fly in for the Party. anyway, y'all seen enough lol.. I need a so#TripleCentury it is tonight ✌️"