Chris Brown Rihanna
According to a source, Chris Brown is willing to do whatever it takes to protect Rihanna.

They may have long parted ways, but clearly Chris Brown is beyond concerned about his former girlfriend, Rihanna. According to a report by NBC Los Angeles, the LAPD confirmed that property was indeed stolen from RiRi's Hollywood Hills home in the absence of the 30-year-old singer on the night of September 25. However, this is not the first time that Rihanna's house has been targeted – she was burgled earlier this year in May as well.

Former boyfriend, Chris Brown is furious about Rihanna being targeted a second time and has taken it upon himself to play detective. Hollywood Life reported, that a source revealed, "He feels like she must be targeted somehow and so he asked his own security team to figure out who is messing with her and breaking into her place."

The source added, "Chris is willing to do whatever it takes to protect Rihanna. He feels like if he can help her somehow, be her knight in shining armour, maybe then [he] can prove himself to her and begin to fix some of the things that went wrong between them over the years."

Even though the duo shared a tumultuous relationship during their dating days when Chris assaulted Rihanna, the singer's heart went out to him when he was having trouble with his baby mama over child support. A close friend of Rihanna's revealed that she still thinks about what could have been if things between them had worked out.

"Rihanna one hundred per cent wants to be a mom one day and back when she and Chris were together they used to talk about how many kids they would have and how cute they would be. There was a time when Rihanna was sure without a doubt that Chris would be the father of her children," the insider had told Hollywood Life.

But it seems that the ship has long sailed and Chris Brown realises it. "Chris realizes he may never win her back, but he is still eager to take care of her when he can," the insider told the news publication. "He still has a lot of love for her and wishes he could be there for her all the time to protect her."

"Chris has been asking friends about Rihanna and Hassan," another source close to Chris had earlier revealed. "He wants to know if they are still together because Chris never sees them out together anywhere and he would love to shoot his shot with her again."