Sai Dharam Tej's Chitralahari set to hit the screens this Friday, but the viewers in some foreign countries will get to watch it a day before this, as it is being premiered in the US and other locations tonight.

Written and directed by Thirumala Kishore, Chitralahari is set in a restaurant and is based on the father-son bonding. The movie revolves around the story of a guy named Vijay, who has never tasted success in his entire life. His failures create serious issues in his professional and personal life. How he faces them forms the crux of the story.

Sai Dharam Tej is playing the role of Vijay in Chitralahari, while Kalyani Priyadarshan and Nivetha Pethuraj appear as his love interest. The actor has suffered a setback with back-to-back failures and he is yet to get a big break of his career. He has carefully chosen this movie after going through several scripts and he has pinned a lot of hopes on this movie.


The young hero from the mega family says that he accepts Chitralahari because it is relatable to his real-life. "The moment Kishore narrated me the script, my inner voice told me that I should do this film as it was relating to my current situation in life. Upon that, the depth in my role made me accept the film right away," Sai Dharam Tej told in an interview to 123Telugu.

Chitralahari is scheduled for release on April on 12 and it will be premiered in the US and few other international markets a day before it hits the screens in India. We bring you the overseas' review and on the movie. Scroll down to read to see Chitralahari review by overseas viewers.

Vikram Jammula‏ @itsurfriend

#ChitraLahari is a very honest movie. dialogues are heart of the movie and most of the youth will connect to the movie. I liked the first half more than the second half. Good acting by @IamSaiDharamTej @kalyanipriyan.In the movie #Chitralahari I forgot to mention about the father character. #Posani did a fantastic job. I wish every child should have a father like him in their life.

Thyview‏ @Thyview

#Chitralahari Decent 1st half , there are many chuckle moments provided through posani & Sunil characters and #SaiDharamTej gives a composed performances. Only issue is the tone & pace of the film . It's passive @ThisIsDSP BGM is Good #Chitralahari nothing to say , though the honesty in the performances is visible , the writing falters BIG time especially in the 3rd act & even in the portions where the writing is decent, director handled them poorly. Comedy sorta works, music is good Thyview Rating : 5/10

Tollywood Gandu‏ @Tollywoo7dGandu

#Chitralahari ... a straightforward and simple casual decent to average watch. Dialogues aithe ekkado guchukuntayi... 2nd half has some heavy dosage of emotional and sentimental scenes #UsPremiers

Hari Krishna Raju‏ @harikraju

#Chitralahari dialogues bavunnai ... Register ayye time ichi unte inka bavundedi... Passable first half .. Bar lo scene and classmates song ooopu teppisthadamma Vennela Kishore terrace meeda .. kumming #Chitralahari

SK‏ @sakxedge

#Chitralahari Hittu Pakka #Tej has lived in this role..!! Superb First Half !! Break Up Scene was the Highlight..! @ThisIsDSP yet again proves why he is the king. Dialogues @MythriOfficial @kalyanipriyan Best Outing till Date ! Waiting for Second Half..!

Movies Box Office‏ @MovieBoxoffice5

#Chitralahari First Half Report Sai Dharam Tej performance is good Dialogues are sensible Sunil & Posani Scenes Slow paced Routine story DSP Bgm ok #Chitralahari Final Report- Sai Dharam Tej performance Vennela Kishore comedy Predictable & Routine climax No emotional connect to the film.. Slow and dragged 2nd half. Overall pretty average fare! #Chitralahari #ChitalahariToday #NivethaPethuraj


#Chitralahari Final Report- 'Rejected Piece' Sai Dharam Tej performance Vennela Kishore comedy in 2nd half is good Predictable & Routine climax No emotional connect to the film #SaiDharamTej wait for a hit continues.. #ChitalahariToday #NivethaPethuraj

Localboy‏ @Localboy123

#Chitralahari was extremely mediocre. The characters had substance but the film had no grip, felt mundane, and gave a sense of deja vu. @IamSaiDharamTej def improved on the acting front but it still wasnt enough. @kalyanipriyan and nivetha were great. @vennelakishore is a legend

చీకటికి చిరునామా..!!‏ @Ishtiyakraj

#Chitralahari Ee sari kuda disappointment eh @IamSaiDharamTej performance Could have been done better.. Repeats kasthame.... #Majili mania continues..#Majili effect padtadi pakkaga

Vicky‏ @VICKY__264

#Chitralahari - A wasted opportunity !! STD nd Sunil performance, production values, BGM are the positives but couldn't help the film to be worth watching.Ps : definitely Better than the previous films of SDT ..

Sri‏ @sridentcrypto

@IamSaiDharamTej hey sai teja bro. I am from usa now. Just ippudey movie chusamu bro. Challa bagundi bro. I dnt know whether this msg will reach u r not. All i can say is, i saw the sincerity in the movie by the entire crew. #chitralahari. From a movie lover by srihariteja.

RR‏ @RacchaRidhvik

No one is perfect. It's ok not to be successful. Acceptance of being mediocre Hero's characterisation - #Chitralahari

PuvvalaVirat‏ @PuvvalaVirat

#Chitralahari A MEDIOCRE film !! SDT ! Gripping screenplay would made this movie a better one!! Nevertheless this movie is 200% better than previous 6 movies from SDT!!

SVS Bhargava‏ @donman5

What a tremendous movie #chitralahari @IamSaiDharamTej @kalyanipriyan #nivethapethuraj #kishoretirumala excellent script kudos