Chiranjeevi with his brother Nagababu
Chiranjeevi with his brother NagababuTwitter

After stirring up a controversy, megastar Chiranjeevi's brother, actor Nagababu has apparently taken a U-Turn saying, his comments were not referring to Nandamuri Balayya, but to Valluri Balakrishna, to whom he offered an apology. He also said that he was as 'a great comedian'.

In an interview to a YouTube channel, Nagababu had made a shocking comment on Balakrishna, saying, "I don't know who is Balakrishna? I'm sorry, I didn't even hear Balakrishna name." His remarks had triggered a fight between the fans of the mega star and Nandamuri families on social media. Some followers of the TDP, who were upset with him, had expressed their outburst against his insulting comment.

Today, a video, which apparently has been recorded and released by Nagababu, is doing rounds on social media. In this 59-second-long clip, the actor is seen trying to clear without referring to the name of Nandamuri Balakrishna, "It was mistake to say that I don't know him, because there is none who doesn't know about Balakrishna garu.

Nagababu adds, "Balakrishna garu He is known to everyone. He is a good actor. Mainly, he is a great comedian, who does some superb comedy. His acting, body language, performance is polls apart. It is really my mistake to say that I have forgotten such a good comedian. He has also acted with late NTR garu."

While watching this video, everyone thinks that Nagababu is offering an apology to Nandamuri Balakrishna. But anyone can get confused and irritated when he terms him as a great comedian. But the brother of Chiranjeevi ends clip with a twist. He shows a photo and says, "This is man and his name is Valluri Balakrishna. He has also got a nickname that is Anji gadu."