Megastar Chiranjeevi Konidela has shared the rare and unseen pictures of Allu Arjun, Akhil Akkineni and Pawan Kalyan's son Akira from his personal collections and wished them on their birthday.

Chiranjeevi, who joined the Twitter world on March 25, has gone very busy in social media. He is not only spreading awareness about the novel coronavirus pandemic but also wishing young stars on their birthday. The megastar, who has got 334,900 followers in just 15 days, surprised everyone with some rare pictures today.

Chiranjeevi with Allu Arjun
Chiranjeevi with Allu ArjunTwitter

The senior Tollywood actor took to his Twitter account this morning to wish his nephew Allu Arjun on his birthday. Chiranajeevi tweeted Bunny's childhood photo featuring him. He captioned it with, "Dance లో grace, ఆ వయస్సు నుంచే ఉంది. Bunnyలోని కసి, కృషి నాకు చాలా ఇష్టం. Happy Birthday, Bunny! @alluarjun నువ్వు బాగుండాలబ్బా.. #8thApril."

Allu Arjun was thrilled to see this rare pic

Allu Arjun was thrilled to see this rare pic and birthday wishes coming from none other than megastar Chiranjeevi. In reply to him, the stylish star thanked Chiru. He wrote, "Thank you soo much Chikkababi. So happy to see your tweet. A tweet from my megastar for life. Thank you !."

Chiranjeevi with Akhil Akkineni
Chiranjeevi with Akhil AkkineniTwitter

After an hour, Chiranjeevi shared the unseen photo of Nagarjuna's son Akhil Akkineni and wished him. The Sye Raa star tweeted, "Happy Birthday Akhil @AkhilAkkineni8 Charan కి ఒక తమ్ముడు. సురేఖకి, నాకు just like son. Most eligible bachelor and most loved kid. Have a great year ahead. #8thApril." In reply, Akhil wrote, "You have left me Speechless. Thank you so much megastar! "

Chiranjeevi's unseen photo with Pawan Kalyan's son Akira
Chiranjeevi's unseen photo with Pawan Kalyan's son AkiraTwitter

Another hour later, Chiranjeevi tweeted his unseen photo with Pawan Kalyan's son Akira and wished him. The megastar tweeted, "మన బిడ్డ మనకంటే ఎత్తుకు ఎదగాలని కోరుకుంటాం. నా చేతిలో ఒదిగిపోయిన ఈ బిడ్డ, ఎత్తులో అందరికంటే ఎదిగిపోయాడు.(6'4") అన్ని విషయాల్లో కూడా అందరిని ఇలానే మించిపోవాలి.Wish you a "Power"ful future. Happy Birthday, Akira! #8thApril."