The year 2020 has thus far been the most unpredictable and hard-hitting year for everybody. For the film industry even more so, as we have seen many major losses that are hard to overcome. Sandalwood lost a young and talented actor yesterday, Chiranjeevi Sarja. 

Chiranjeevi Sarja, lost his life to a severe heart attack on Sunday, the industry is mourning his loss. It has now been reported that the actor and his wife Meghana Raj were expecting their first child when tragedy struck.

Chiranjeevi Sarja with wife Meghana Raj

Chiranjeevi Sarja and wife Meghana Raj were expecting a baby before his death

Chiranjeevi Sarja who was known fondly as 'Chiru' passed away on Sunday, after suffering from a heart attack. He was admitted to Apollo hospital, Bengaluru. The loss came as a huge shock to his family and the Kannada film industry. He was known for his performances in various films like Vaayuputhra (2010) and Aake (2017) and Amma I Love You (2018).

The actor was very close to his family, his brothers Dhruva, another big Kannada star and Suraj Sarja a musician. He married actress Meghana Raj in 2018. The 39-year-old's untimely death was mourned by many celebrities, friends and fans.

For the family the loss was debilitating, the couple were going to announce their pregnancy soon. Meghana Raj is 4 months pregnant and in her second trimester. The actress had stopped taking offers. However, before the family could announce the good news to fans and the public, Chiranjeevi, unfortunately, passed away. 

The couple has been together for over 10 years now. Chiranjeevi had been very supportive and always proud of Meghana's achievements as he had shared after the actress won the Karnataka State Film Award. The industry has suffered an irreparable loss. RIP Chiranjeevi Sarja.