China Moves to Set Up University Campuses Overseas
China Moves to Set Up University Campuses Overseas

Pictures of a Chinese female student have become so popular that they have caused her university website to crash at one point on Sunday.

Renmin University of China, also known as People's University of China, reportedly uploaded the pictures of a young good looking female graduate on their website which attracted so many visitors which lead to the crash.

A huge number of people logged into the website's homepage to check the girl's photos.

The girl known as Kang Kang in her red and black colour graduation robe and holding mortarboard hat is seen posing in and around the university campus.

The incident happened when the university uploaded Kang Kang's graduation photos instead of their usual conservative homepages. It is actually the admission period for the college.

Hundreds and thousands of students visit the website for admission. Many people claimed that this is one of the ways the university attract new students, South China Morning Post' reported. 

 The girl is an arts school graduate majoring in the double bass, Beijing News reported.

The photo was taken by professional photographer Mao Yanzheng who said, "It's unbelievable that it takes only one photo to make a person famous."

The decision to upload the girls' photos has triggered a debate online. While some praised the photos, others criticised it.

"How can we not attract such a university otaku," a friend told Beijing News.

"This student embodies the elegant, fresh look of our graduates," a Renmin University graduate commented online, according to PTI.