Official Koi PlayStation 4 Twitter page

"Koi," an exploration adventure game from the Chinese publisher Oasis Games, will be available from April 19 on PlayStation 4 (PS4). This is the first Chinese-developed video game to be available on PlayStation 4 in North America.

"KOI takes players on a seemingly small journey with deeper meaning. Players guide the Koi through the murky waters tainted by mankind by solving puzzles, discovering enchanting melodies hidden within deadened twigs and other Zen-like missions to bring light back to the darkened, polluted waters," said a press release.

The game features "entrancing" soundtrack from popular Chinese artiste Zeta.

The game is already out on mobile devices, where it has won several awards like the 2015 San Francisco GDC IMGA Best Upcoming Game, and 1st Runner-Up at the 4th Global Mobile Game Congress Indie Pitch Arena.

Koi was developed by Dotoyou and will cost $9.99, but PlayStation Plus members will be able to grab it for $7.99 during the launch week.

Players have to guide the fish to similar-coloured lotuses as they grab puzzle pieces and solve puzzles. The mission of the player is to see the polluted water is returned to its clear state. They must be cautious of bigger fish that might hinder their progress and kill them.

The game is expected to roll out to Europe, too, but the dates are not known yet.