cotton plant sprouted on moon
Xinhua News Agency

A few days back, Chinese Space Agency's 'Chang'e-4' made a soft landing on the far side of Moon. Interestingly, the lunar probe has some unusual guests on board, and it includes cotton seeds, fruit fly eggs, and yeast. By initiating this move, China aimed to build a mini eco-system on moon's far side, and interestingly, the cotton seed sprouted in the man-made habitat inside the probe.

The news was released by China's Xinhua news agency, and later, they confirmed that the experiment has ended. As the experiment is officially ended now, it is pretty clear that the sprouted cotton plant is dead and it failed to grow as the first known extraterrestrial plant.

It should be also noted that the Chinese space agency had carried seeds of potatoes and oilseed rape seeds to the lunar surface, but none of these succeeded in sprouting under harsh conditions in moon. The temperature in moon plummets during the night time, and near the moon's equator, it falls to -150 degree Celsius. The Chang'e-4 lunar probe is now in the Von Carmer crater in the moon's southern hemisphere, and in the night time, the probe will be sent to sleep.

In the meantime, the Xinhua news agency has also posted a video showing seeds sprouting in a simulated atmosphere on their Twitter handle. However, it still seems unclear whether these videos are shot from the moon or from the lab in China where initial experiments took place.

Earlier, several conspiracy theorists have claimed that the Chinese space probe will encounter extraterrestrial aliens in moon's far side. As per these conspiracy theorists, aliens are living secretly on the dark side of the moon, and once humans encounter them, an invasion may be imminent.

Scott C Waring, a popular UFO researcher had also recently alleged that China had faked moon landing to take their name to the top in the space race. After analysing the images sent by the Chang'e-4 probe, Scott Waring spotted a strange line in front of the rover and argued that these visuals might have been manipulated on Earth.