A video has been published online showing the moment a motorbike courier in China audaciously overloaded his tricycle with more than a hundred crates and transported them through the busy streets of downtown Shanghai.

The 24-second clip, published on YouTube by Peoples Daily, shows the gargantuan amount of boxes slowly move along a high street at night. So overloaded is the vehicle that the driver cannot be seen in the footage. The tricycle trundles along the road with little difficulty at first, but then makes a precarious turn at a busy traffic intersection and is almost hit by a car zooming past.

Since being published online on 30 January 2016 the video has gone viral, racking up more than 40,000 views on YouTube. This is not the first time that stories of overloaded tricycles in China have captured headlines. In July 2015, images of a woman packing up to 200 boxes on to her motorised trike went viral on social media.