A giant slide has been built in the middle of a Shanghai shopping centre as a new visitor attraction. The 54-metre slide, shaped like a curling dragon, winds from the fifth floor to the ground floor of the shopping centre in a journey of around 16 seconds.

Erica Liu, the general manager of marketing department of the Pinault Printemps Redoute Shanghai said the slide incorporates curves to slow the high speed when sliding down from the top.

As you can see, why does (this slide) have curves? The building is high, so we have to have curves to avoid making a sudden dive. So having curves would slow down the speed. Ive slid before, its not dangerous at all and its also very interesting. But for those people who are afraid of heights, they dont like it; but for those who like the (feeling) of excitement, (this slide) is nothing for them. I believe so, said Liu.

It took over a month to build the slide, which is part of a promotion campaign for the shopping mall, said Liu. She added that as a safety measure only one person would be allowed on the slide at a time. Riders must be older than three years and taller than 1.1 meters.

The idea is very good. Firstly, its quite attractive. When I first came in, I saw it with the shape of dragon, I think it has a good meaning. I think it will attract a lot of people. I came here to have lunch with my friend, we both have kids. We will take our kids to have a try next time. I think its really good, said Chen Xi, a customer to the shopping centre told Reuters.

I think its more reasonable that the the slide is semi-transparent on the upper part, while it has steel tube on the lower part as you can have a full view of the shopping mall when you slide on it. It would increase the feeling of excitement when you can see objects moving when (you slide) and it will have more fun. It would also reduce (the fear) of the people who has acrophobia when they look down during the sliding if the (slide) has steel tube of the lower part, noted 20-year-old Gong Chenyang.

The giant slide is set to open to public on March 15 after its gone through more security checks. It will be free of charge to all customers.