Continuing its attacks on Taiwan, China asserted that the country had no right to join the United Nations (UN). In a statement released on the 50th anniversary of the UN General Assembly's decision to seat Beijing and expel Taipei, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed concern that Taiwan had become further marginalized on the international scene.

"As the international community faces an unprecedented number of complex and global issues, it is critical for all stakeholders to help address these problems. This includes the 24 million people who live in Taiwan," he added.

Blinken further said, "Taiwan's meaningful participation in the UN system is not a political issue, but a pragmatic one. That is why we encourage all UN member states to join us in supporting Taiwan's robust, meaningful participation throughout the UN system and in the international community."

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Taiwan considers itself an independent country while China claims the island as its territory.Representational Image

'Taiwan had no place in international stage': China 

China reacted to Blinken's statement with a series of vehement, albeit predictable, pronouncements reiterating its position that Taiwan's government had no place on the international stage. "Taiwan has no right to join the United Nations. The United Nations is an international governmental organization composed of sovereign state. Taiwan is a part of China." Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office in Beijing.

United Nations
United Nations

It is pertinent to note that China views Taiwan, where nationalist forces fled in 1949 after losing a civil war to communists, to be a province that has to be reunited, perhaps by force. The recent declaration, however, adds to an uptick in diplomatic rhetoric and military posture surrounding Taiwan.

China sets records for the number of warplane flights over the island on a regular basis. Last week, US President Joe Biden said in a public discussion that the US was prepared to defend Taiwan against any Chinese invasion.