Indian Army
Indian Air Force providing logistical support to Indian Army in LadakhCredit: Reuters

As the border stand-off between India and China prolongs along with eastern Ladakh, armies of both countries are ensuring supplies for winters. A region where the temperature plummets as low as -45 degree in winters, supplies for essential logistics becomes critical. September has witnessed a period of lull in these areas amidst two countries engaging in talks through diplomatic channels. Even though China is signaling to resolve the issue through talks, it has resorted to dirty psychological games in the last few months.

While psychological operations, as it is called, has been an age-old idea since the days of Chanakya and Sun Tzu, it has been perfected by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) by manipulating adversary influencers on and off social media to reduce the morale of the enemy soldiers and political decision-makers. Coupled with the overall policy of surprise-ambiguity-deceit and supported by individuals-organizations-media bought in the enemy country, these psyops have been highly successful in the past.

Loudspeakers near finger areas

In the latest development of China's psychological warfare, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) forces have put up loudspeakers in the Finger-4 area, and are playing Punjabi songs for Indian soldiers. As Indian boots are putting up round the clock observation, China has resorted to this dirty old tactics.

Global Times
Global Times CartoonCredit: Global Times

Moreover, ever since China's illegal incursion was unearthed, its communist regime has blamed India as the aggressor. Its mouthpiece, Global Times has been publishing intimidating cartoons and news pieces to warn India of consequences. It has accused India of acting at the behest of the United States. The state-controlled newspaper has been reminding India of the 1963 debacle forgetting the fact that now the Indian Army is much better trained and equipped especially in mountain warfare where the current conflict is taking place.

Indian Army
Chinese soldiers with spears in eastern ladakhCredit:Twitter

Further, China's illegal occupation of India's lands showed the complete disregard for existing mechanisms-protocol and treaties the two countries signed over the years. But still, it claimed to resolve the current standoff via existing mechanisms-protocol which is the copybook example of shouting in the east and acting in the west. Given the denial attitude of India's political leadership, it becomes even tougher for the country to manage conflict, let alone countering China.