Chinese state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) has completed the production of the world's largest amphibious aircraft called AG600.

The aircraft, which was built in seven years time, will be utilised to perform marine rescue operations and fight forest fires, its state media reported.

By building the aircraft, China plans to gradually end its dependence on foreign aviation firms, AFP reported. "The plane is the latest breakthrough in China's aviation industry," Geng Rugang, AVIC's deputy general manager told news agencies.

The aircraft has a maximum range of 2,800 miles and can collect about 12 tonnes of water in 20 seconds. The AG600 is believed to be larger than a Boeing 737. The approval for the aircraft was received in 2009.

China has been increasingly spending on its military equipment, which includes submarines, missile technology and aircraft. China is keen to intensify its presence in South China Sea, causing tensions with several neighbours including Vietnam, Philippines and Japan.

Earlier this month, the Chinese Air Force launched a new domestically-developed large transport aircraft, which was in line with the Chinese government's modernisation plan, Reuters reported.

China's aviation sector has made rapid developments in recent times, despite its economy slowing down.