Dr. Manning treats a young patient with long history of medical issues.
Dr. Manning treats a young patient with long history of medical issues.NBC / Chicago Med

When a former Navy shipmate showed up in Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, Dr Choi tried his best to ensure that he got the best medical treatment provided by the hospital in the upcoming episode titled "Reunion" of "Chicago Med" Season 1.

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The synopsis by Spoilers Guide reads:

"Dr. Manning (Torrey DeVitto) returns from maternity leave and helps treat a teen with a long history of medical issues. Dr. Choi (Brian Tee) attends to a former Navy shipmate with a life-threatening disease and goes above and beyond the scope of his duties to ensure he gets the proper treatment.

Saudi Prince Faisal (guest star Lymen Chehade) arrives at the hospital for a planned surgical procedure, but he exclusively requested the treatment only from Dr. David Downey (guest star Gregg Henry)."

Meanwhile, a budding romance between Sarah (Rachel DiPillo) and hospital lab tech Joey (guest star Peter Mark Kendall) looks hopeful, but April (Yaya DaCosta) might think otherwise.

The ex-Navy shipmate is in immediate need of treatment. When Dr Ethan Choi examines him, he finds that the shipmate is suffering from a life-threatening disease.

To ensure that he gets proper treatment, Choi reportedly "goes above and beyond the scope of his duties".

Meanwhile, as soon as Dr Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) returns from her maternity leave, she was assigned a young patient who has a long history of medical issues. Now that Dr Manning is a mother herself, she will treat the young patient with much more dedication and care.

In the previous episode titled "Saints", Dr Halstead treated an ex-convict who was arrested for armed carjacking.

Meanwhile, Dr Rhodes, Dr Choi and Dr Reese treated a couple who were on their first date. Sharon received news that a federal law was broken when an organ was transplanted into a minor, while Dr Manning and her mother-in-law cared for her newborn child.