Though the fourth season of "Chicago Fire" is still ongoing, NBC has already renewed the series for a fifth season, and it seems the command of Firehouse 51 will return to Severide.

Matt Olmstead, creator of the show, said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that Season 5 would further explore the personal lives of all the firehouse members, and an "unexpected yet interesting" event would happen.

Olmstead might be referring to the crossover between "Chicago Fire", "Chicago Med," and "Chicago PD", that is confirmed to happen.

Currently, the show is on a mid-season break due to winter and Christmas holidays, and will continue with Season 4 Episode 10, titled "The Beating Heart", on 5 January, 2016.

In the previous episode titled "Short and Fat", Patterson replaced Boden, who was trying to clear his name. Meanwhile, Severide learned where Serena might be hiding.

Herrmann and Otis gave Freddie a job that kept him close to them, and Jimmy and Chili drew more attention than either bargained for.

Boden's situation went from bad to worse after Donna confronted her and was reported missing. Detective Wheeler later searched his home.

A state attorney stopped by the firehouse to see Boden about the Maddox case. This conversation put Boden onto the possibility that Maddox was the one setting him up. This was later confirmed when Boden confronted him.

During a call, Hermann rescued a tortoise that he believed was a "robot". Mouch took a liking to the animal and it was later found to belong to the John Doe Chili and Brett found on a call.

Another call had Truck and Squad dealing with a Peeping Tom trapped in the ventilation system at a gym. When he tried to escape from the roof, he was tackled by Severide.

Chili was late for a shift and was given "strike one" by Boden. When he visited Jimmy's apartment, it was in disarray and she appeared to be intoxicated. When he asked her what was going on, she evaded the issue by seducing him.