In the next episode, titled "Bound", of NBC's "Chicago Fire" season 1, the Department of Homeland Security will visit the Chicago Med hospital when two of their soldiers get injured.

CLICK HERE to watch whether the doctors at Chicago Med will be able to save the lives of the two soldiers of Homeland Security.

As mentioned in the synopsis by, dark family secrets emerge when Dr Rhodes' father is honoured for making a large donation to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security arrives when two injured air-plane stowaways are brought to the hospital, and Dr Sarah Reese must deliver heartbreaking news to a boy.

"Bound" is intended to be part two of the three-part crossover between "Chicago Med" and "Chicago Fire" as both the shows will involve Homeland Security agents in the upcoming episodes.

Dr. Rhodes is suspicious of his father's activities and when he comes to know of his large donation to the hospital, he becomes sure that his father must have something in his mind that definitely can't be for good.

However, he doesn't have any proof right now and is left with no other option but to support this seemingly noble cause of his estranged father.

Elsewhere, Dr. Reese reluctantly informs a teenager patient who is suffering from a life endangering disease. She finds the task harder than expected as the boy reminds her of her own son.

In the last episode titled "Malignant", Herrmann's condition deteriorated further while Dr. Rhodes was still performing surgery on him that led to a dispute between him and Kelly Severide from "Chicago Fire".

In the meantime, Dr. Choi, Dr. Charles and Detective Jay Halstead investigated the case of a victim of a possible suicide attempt after they received a Firehouse 51 call.

"Chicago Med" season 1 episode 6 titled "Bound" will be aired on NBC on 19 January.