Noted Indian writer Chetan Bhagat, who has criticized the right-wing on several occasions, has extended his support to the protests of the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act). He warned the BJP-led Govt against messing with youth and testing their patience.

Chetan Bhagat
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While India suffers from the economic slowdown, it has been plagued by the Internet shutdown, which is hurting the business further. Chetan Bhagat tweeted, "Repeated and prolonged Internet shutdowns hurt business and the economy. Sends a message that we are an unpredictable, third-world country where things are not under control. Even non-democratic China never did it during the Hong Kong protests."

Need for education

With the Union Government passing the CAB, there is sudden outburst against CAA across the country. Chetan Bhagat feels that there is more need for education and consensus building on this issue. He tweeted, "The CAB required more education, more consensus building, a lot better wording, and frankly better intentions. Stirring the social pot constantly is going to hurt us and the already weak economy."

Chetan Bhagat Tweet

'Don't mess with the youth'

The youth across the country are upset with the lack of jobs and some other issues. Chetan Bhagat tweeted, "The youth is angry. There are not enough jobs. Salaries are low. Don't mess with them. The first priority should be to lift the economy back again. Crashing the economy. Making jobs vanish. Shutting down the internet. Sending police in libraries. The youth may have patience, but don't test the limits of it."

Assam Citizenship bill protest
Demonstrators against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2019 that was tabled in the Rajya Sabha.IANS

Meanwhile, Chetan Bhagat made it clear that he does not belong to any political party. He only wants better India. The novelist tweeted, "Many get confused about my politics here. To be clear am only interested in an India where everybody lives in harmony and we have stellar economic growth. That is my dream. One-sided groupings bore me. I am not on your fixed side. I am on India's side. And I am proud of that."

Chetan Bhagat Tweet

"Whatever their historical names, there are no Hindu or Muslim universities in India. They are all Indian universities. And they all must be protected. Demo GST 370 CAB Post-announcement issues in all. Suggests there is an army of yes-men in the govt who nod at everything, do not think things through or raise genuine doubts. Maybe think about the decision making process."