In a heart warming incident that is been celebrated on social media, a Chennai-based youngster Mohamed Yunus from Nungambakkam is been appreciated by people for rescuing many stranded people in Chennai. 

Mohamed along with his friends had rescued Chitra, whose due date was just two days away.

In response to his kind gesture, the couple Mohan and Chitra has named their newborn baby girl 'Yunus'.

"Hi sir. This is Mohan from Urappakkam. My wife Chitra has successfully given birth to a baby girl. We have named our girl as 'Yunus' sir. We take pride in this and we want you to come and make her one day you are free sir. Also we will not forget the theory of money you taught us on boat sir. You are our leader and government sir. Hereafter I will give 50 percent of my salary to the poor only and help needy. You are great," reads the Whatsapp messages of Mohan.

Mohamed has shared the Whatsapp message of Mohan by saying:

"What bliss more than this!!. Your brother, Mohamed.


Please No religion talks

Religion: Is to follow, not to use".

While Mohamed has been appreciated by many for his kind gesture, another youngster has been attacked on social media for his insensitive comment on Tamilians.

Ashish Chaudhary, who hails from Mumbai posted a not-so-welcoming comment about Tamilians on his Facebook (which is now deactivated) saying the people in the South Indian state have never considered themselves as Indians. 

"I don't mind if Tamil people die, they never considered themselves as Indians. And then I ask myself, the land who do not accept our national language as their own language and prefer British English more in conversation to native Indians are asking for help from Hindi language people," Ashish posted on his Facebook page.

However, for his irrational statement, Ashish has received an appropriate reply from a girl named Anusha Natarajan that has gone viral on social media.

"Dear Ashish Choudhary,

First of all the good news, we "Tamilians" made it alive and stronger than ever. Now the bad news, your intellect is even teenier and tinier than the size of your brain, let me explain why:

1) Hindi is not our national language, India has many officially recognized languages.

2) I see you're from Mumbai, and that means you are technically not from the northern part of India.

3) 'Hindi language people' is not a thing, not at least where you come from.

4) People from south AKA Dravidians are the real Indians, you guys are immigrants from Persia (not to hurt anyone's feelings, we love you all and will come for your rescue if and when needed).

5) So we embrace English, big deal! It helps us become CEOs of big companies around the world while you are still stuck doing something completely useless on MTV.

And finally, you are brainless. I can tell you this because while you accused us of embracing English, you typed both your posts in English. Not too sharp buddy, not too sharp!


 Check out some social media responses below:


#AnushaNatarajan...I just read your fitting #response to this fellow ass #AshishChaudhary, Most of the thinking from the...

Posted by Sidharth Jagadeesh on Sunday, December 6, 2015


We don't need foreigners to trap Indians, we Indians itself trap other Indians..Shame on you #AshishChaudry... Hats off #AnushaNatarajan. We tamilians(as Indian) salute you.....

Posted by Venkatasubramaniyan Ramakrishnan on Sunday, December 6, 2015


Yet another retard trying to be famous. Sorry we don't accept INHUMANs as INDIANS. Stay where ever ur and don't come to India cos We all live in harmony.#ashishchaudhary

Posted by Hariharan Durai on Sunday, December 6, 2015


#ashishchaudhary I hope so yu r reading all these posts on yu. Posting a disgusting post that show yur inhuman nature....

Posted by Rajkumar Kutralalingam on Sunday, December 6, 2015


What he has spoken is nonsense.Such an insensitive idiot.But for a moment all of you...stop saying North Indian,South...

Posted by Tapomoy Chatterjee on Monday, December 7, 2015

#AnushaNatarajan...I just read your fitting #response to this fellow ass #AshishChaudhary, Most of the thinking from the...

Posted by Ganesh Mannar on Sunday, December 6, 2015