Coronavirus patient in hospital
Medical workers wearing personal protective equipment take care of a patient suffering from the coronavirus at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Max Smart Super Speciality Hospital in New Delhi, India, May 28, 2020.Courtesy: REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui

A few days back, on July 14th, the BBMP announced its online dashboard showcasing real-time hospital bed availability in Bengaluru. Now, there's an alternate link provided for the dashboard following complaints of the site not loading or the site not refreshing. 

The BBMP's dashboard shows a high vacancy of hospital beds nearly, which is a marked contrast to reports of lack of hospital beds and people struggling to find medical assistance. 

BBMP updates hospital bed availability dashboard link

The main complaint about BBMP's online dashboard to check bed availability in Bengaluru was that the site was not reliable as it wouldn't reload. Another complaint was that it wouldn't refresh. Still, the site showed on Friday that nearly 70% of the hospital beds were available. 

BBMP Dashboard not loading

On the other hand, increasing reports of COVID-19 being turned away from hospitals are emerging. Moreover, hospitals still continue to turn patients away. A report made it to the media of a Pourakarmika turned away from 7 hospitals and the 8th one not having a ventilator available. 

According to the dashboard in real-time as on Saturday, a total of 55.4% beds were shown as available on the dashboard with 5891 beds available of 10,593 reserved beds. Under general ward beds, 4202 beds are currently available which is 55.8%. 

1067 beds are available in the High Dependency Units i.e. 48.7% are available. Meanwhile, 72.3% of ICU beds are available at the moment, and under ICU ventilator beds, 65.6% beds are available. These numbers keep changing in real-time. 

To know the real-time availability of hospital beds check the new updated link:

You can also find the detailed bed status across different hospitals on the BBMP COVID-19 dashboard