The Press House in flames in Grozny, ChechnyaTwitter

Three Russian police officers were killed in a shootout with armed militants in Chechnya on Thursday. The militants have also reportedly killed in an counter-terror operation. 

The police stopped a car on suspicion in the capital city of Grozny in the Chechen Republic, following which the passengers opened fire and killed three officers on the spot, Russia's press service TASS reported.

The six militants who were holed up in the House of Press have been killed by the National Anti-Terrorism Committee, who reportedly invoked an anti-terror operation.

"The police say there are about five to six gunmen. They are trapped and the House of the Press has been cordoned off for their detention or neutralisation," the news agency said.

Chechen Republic's President Ramzan Kadyrov said on Instagram:  "We do not exclude the possibility that these people could come from another region". 

"The operation to destroy the bandits is entering its final phase. Six terrorists have been destroyed in the Press House!" he wrote.