Charmme Kaur and Puri Jagannath
Charmme Kaur and Puri Jagannath at the trailer launch of Jyothi Lakshmi.Facebook

Actress Charmme Kaur, who is basking in the success of "Jyothi Lakshmi", has slammed the reports that she is in a relationship with director Puri Jagannath.

Charmme had produced Puri's "Jyothi Lakshmi" and the director wanted her to co-produce Nithiin's next film with producer Sudhakar Reddy. However, Puri dumped Nithiin and Sudhakar, when they objected to her involvement in the project.

Following this development, rumours about an alleged link-up between Charmme and Puri started making rounds in the filmnagar.

She was also accused of interfering in his professional life. "I am very happy in my personal and professional life. With Jyothi Lakshmi, I turn a producer and I am looking forward to making this a career too. Puri garu has a loving wife and son. I have met his wife on certain occasions and they are a very understanding couple. He is a fantastic family man, I respect him," she told Deccan Chronicle.

The actress clarified that they are just friends and these kinds of rumours are common in the glamour industry. "Since I am working with him, both as a producer and an actor, spending time together is inevitable. We have to move about together at times, we do attend parties and go for work related issues together. Wagging tongues can't be stopped," she added.

Meanwhile, Charmme also responded to the rumours about her involvement in Puri-Nithiin movie, which was to be produced by Sudhakar Reddy earlier.

"Some male egos aren't able to digest the fact that intelligent people like Sri Kalyan and Puri garu have recognised my talent as an actor and as a producer. I have been given a chance to co-produce Jyothi Lakshmi. A handful of male chauvinists aren't able to deal with the fact that Charmme is a famous actor, as well as a hard-working producer. All I can say is 'Take a chill pill guys!!'" the actress said.