After hit movie "ABCD", director Martin Prakkat joined hands with young star Dulquer Salmaan for "Charlie", which has opened to tremendous response at the Kerala box office.

Co-produced by Martin Prakkat, Joju George and Shebin Becker, "Charlie" has Dulquer and Parvathy in the lead roles. Aparna Gopinath, Nedumudi Venu, Soubin Shahir, Chemban Vinod Jose, KPAC Lalitha, Kalpana and Neeraj Madhav have also been seen in significant roles in the film.

Apart from the performances of the actors, critics have also lauded the technical aspects of the movie, including Jomon T John's cinematography coupled with beautiful visuals and Gopi Sunder's unique music. Even before the release of "Charlie", the songs of the movie were well accepted by the Kerala audience leading to the "Charlie" fever across the South Indian state. 

Meanwhile, the pre-release hype has also helped the movie to create new records by collecting more than Rs 2 crore on the first day of its release following the path of Mohanlal's "Loham" that collected Rs 2.14 crore on the opening day.


Narrated by the character of Tessa (Parvathy), the movie narrates the life of an intellectual character Charlie (Dulquer), who leads a gypsy life. Critics have called it one of the best performances of Dulquer. Tessa, a graphic artist, runs away from her family as she isn't ready to get married. After finding a shelter in Kochi, how she tries to find the man who lived in that room before her and the incidents that follow forms the crux of "Charlie". The curiosity element that is seen throughout the movie makes it an engaging entertainer.

Check out review roundup of "Charlie" below:

Lensman Review

Charlie is a person whom at least some of us want to be in life. That person who lives a detached life but everyone who comes to his life gets attached to him. The latest Martin Prakkat film written by Unni R is actually the joy of seeing that hippy who sort of asks you to live life to the fullest in that crazy instinctive way.

The Indian Express

'Charlie' is a feel-good movie, but it does not stop there. It plays around brilliantly with raw emotions centred around a character who wants to be free like the wind and bring smiles on peoples' faces. 'Charlie' (Dulquer Salmaan) is a vagabond who, dressed in Bohemian attire, flits from one place to another doing good deeds and cementing a spot in the hearts of those he meets. 

The Hindu

Somewhere along the line, "Charlie" falls into the trap that has dogged our cinema for long. Charlie becomes so larger than life with each new story about him that we start to think that this person could not be real. Each new character we meet only repeats the story of the do-gooder in him. The other parts of his personality, except his bohemian lifestyle, remain hidden from us. Surely, one is bound to get bored from radiating goodness all the time.


Gopi Sunder's soundtrack is quite unique and is totally befitting the film considering the overall mood. Director Martin Prakkat in his third outing has come out with his best work. It's really difficult to ascertain the real hero of Charlie as it's a good example of a fantastic team effort. Charlie is quite a special film that will only multiply your love for the medium called Cinema. Go for it !!!