Telugu Talli flyover
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Hyderabad police on Friday morning made a quick move in clearing the oil-spilled road on Telugu Talli flyover after many two-wheeler riders skidded and fell down.

The rain further worsened the situation on the road and the traffic had come to a standstill.

Many people who witnessed the scene on the flyover took to social media to alert other commuters about the dangerous situation. Photos and videos showing the chaos have flooded the social media and created a buzz.

A person named Baluadusumilli tweeted, "Dear all pls Don't take the telugu talli flyover at lower tank bund. There is some oil leaked on road and wet due to rain. Almost 20 to 25 bike riders fell down due to bike skid."

However, Hyderabad Police was quick to respond and jump into action. They covered the oil-spilled road with sand as a temporary measure to prevent further accidents. They tweeted a video where a cop is seen spreading the sand on the road. The Twitter handle of Hyderabad police later confirmed that the road is safe for commuting.

Hyderabad Police tweeted, "Dear Citizen, There are pics passing in social media regarding some oil leaked on Telugu Talli Flyover at Lower Tank bund now Issue is Resolved, there is no such problem yet persisting."