Popular television couple Smriti Khanna and Gautam Gupta, who met on the sets of Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, took nuptial vows a few years back. And now, the beautiful couple is parents to baby girl Anayka. Not only is the couple embracing parenthood but are also making the most of the lockdown time by being with family and the little one.

On the work front, Gautam and Smriti's latest track 'Wajah' which was released a week ago has garnered a humongous response from their fans.

In an exclusive conversation with International Business Times India, actor Gautam Gupta spoke at length on embracing fatherhood, what makes him a hands-on husband and father, the success of his new single 'Wajah' and spills beans on his philandering relationship in the millennial age.

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Excerpts from the conversation:

On embracing fatherhood

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Afternoon baby sitting session ?

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It is an amazing feeling and I must say, it's the best part of anyone's life. You know, I just like to keep watching my baby all day long. I must not say this, but don't get be wrong, during the lockdown I'm getting more time to be with my kid. I change her diapers, feed the baby and then do all the chores. Smriti takes care during the day, while I take care during the night, I am awake with my daughter and I only sleep when she sleeps. That way I am quite a hands-on father.

Needless to say, Gautam and Smriti are goals, their videos on social media make us reinstate faith in love. The power couple has been together despite all odds, even the erratic working hours didn't affect the love and the warmth they share.

When asked Gautam what's the key to a content relationship

Well, it's very easy, I believe we should always be giving. We shouldn't be demanding or asking for in a relationship. I have personally also always been very giving and refrain from asking. That's what makes a relationship healthy and long lasting.

Response for his new song

I am overwhelmed by the response of the song. The entire shooting experience was wonderful as Smriti was carrying at that time. So I had to be very careful about things. For her it was easy as she is very professional and has been on TV, she has also shot for the films or long hours wasn't cumbersome for us in any way! There were certain scenes for which I was very cautious because I didn't want to hurt her at any wrong place. Especially the pillow fight sequence, such things were taken care of by us.

Genres he would like to be a part of!

I would love to create a romantic song once again with Smriti. And as you all must have seen we make a lot of videos together. I am glad that we as a couple are appreciated and getting good response from my fans for the videos.