Virender Kundu
Virender Kundu [Representational image]Creative commons

Chandigarh police summoned Haryana BJP President's son Vikas Barala at 11 am today, in stalking case, reported ANI. 

Chandigarh police chief Tajinder Luthra said the the police had sufficient evidence in the case and that everything will be done to ensure justice. After looking into the high speed chase that got recorded in the CCTV cameras, Luthra told NDTV, "We have established that they were chasing her car."  

IAS officer Virender Kundu claims he had received several phone calls from Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala while he was waiting at a police station to file his daughter's stalking, kidnapping and wrongful restraint case on August 4.

Kundu says that although he did not have Barala's number on his phone, he knew it was the BJP chief through Truecaller application. On Tuesday, Kundu told media that he ignored the calls as he knew what Barala was going to say.

The incident

Kundu's daughter Varnika claims that she was chased by Barala's son Vikas and his friend for more than seven kilometres. Varnika was later rescued by a PCR van. Police have CCTV footage as evidence to confirm the allegations. 

After she drove back to her house in Panchkula, Varnika and her father went to a nearby police station. In her complaint, Varnika claims that the accused had tried to abduct her.

Kundu said that BJP spokesperson Krishna Dhull had also called him up to say that one of the two accused was part of their 'clan' (referring to a caste). He even went to the police station to talk on behalf of the accused and seeking compromise on the issue. 

'Varnika is like my daughter'

After being mute for three days, Barala had said, "Whatever action is required it will be taken against Vikas in this case. BJP bats for daughter's freedom and Varnika Kundu is like my daughter. Neither I nor BJP is pressuring anyone in this matter."

Varnika Kundu
Varnika Kundu [Representational image]Creative commons

'No apology for crime'

The IAS officer, however, said that he and his daughter are determined to take up the case and neglect all apologies or compromise that come their way.

Stating that there is "no apology for a crime", Kundu said the crime was not against Varnika or him anymore, it was against the state and now the state had to decide.

In response to Barala's statement, Kundu said, "Subhash Barala has a daughter... is it okay that his daughter is chased by two goons at night?"