Chandan Achar's elimination in Bigg Boss Kannada 7 has taken the audience by a surprise. In fact, it has come as a major shock to his fans, who were expecting him to reach the finale and hoping that he would lift the trophy this season.

Bigg Boss Kannada 7: Contestant 12: Chandan Achar
Chandan Achar is the 12th contestant to enter Bigg Boss Kannada 7 house.

The audience were predicting one among Priyanka, Deepika Das and Harish Raj's eviction in the 14th weekend and they had not seen Chandan Achar's elimination coming at all. He was getting support from a large section of viewers after he was repeatedly targeted by the inmates since the show kicked off.

The fans of Chandan Achar has slammed Colors Kannada over his eviction and called Bigg Boss Kannada 7 a "fake show." Many are of the view that he is sent to ensure that it's favourite contestant does not have a strong competitor in the finale. Nonetheless, there are also people, who has welcomed his eviction: 

Check out how the audience's reacted to Chandan Achar's eviction:

Prasad: I liked Chandan in #BBK7 not coz he's talented/good looking/sporty etc.
He was a total misfit, socially awkward, fighting his own pride n doubts. Wanting but not knowing how to make friends Which is 90% of US If .5 % the audience saw him in their mirror.. HE WON #BiggBosskannada

SwalpaMyTalk: After 12/13 nominations Chandan finally bid farewell. Never understood the chap completely. Very disciplined and never minced his words when asked his opinions and mostly kept to himself. Victim of self creation. Seemed like a dedicated artist wish him well. #BBK7

Maaya : Why colors kanada or who updating comments in voot for the episodes are so partial towards chandan? Ur comments always support deepika and against Kishan and chandan.. evrybody gets eliminated why comments lik CA lost luck? So far he got votes right shame on you #bbk7
Sudeep is this cooking is a big issue ? If evrybody has issue why cnt thy cook? So far chandan cooked well did You or other cont appreciated? Thy know only to eat and complaint cnt cook ‍♀️‍♀️#bbk7 ur questions try good were stupid and partial towards deepika and against chandan

TheBeatler: #BBK7 Never thought I'd feel sad when #Chandan would leave the house.He understands people.Respect increased ten times hearing what he spoke about #Shine.You were amazing on the http://show.You showed us how amazing it is to be comfortable in our own company. #Respect

Naveen: #BBK7 Chandan has loads of love for Bhoomi anusuthe..
Had he shared great comrade with bhoomi ... it would have fun to see that side of Chandan, as he has sister in real life. Chandan is not a winning material but for sure top five finalist candidate. Tough luck.

Sindhu Sreedhar: Chandan was the most deserving contestant in BB house. BB nijwada aata aagididre Harish Raj avrna kalsbekittu. Chandan Achar avru neerwagi aata aadi iddaddanna idda haage heltidru . Yav season kuda fair decision togondu deserving contestant na gelse illa. But on stage chandan achar shine purest soul.

HONEST GIRL❤: #BiggBossKannada7 #BBK7
Superb point by #Kishen As a viewer I dont want to see #Chandan in repeat
Only complaining, cribbing
Even #Chandana and #Bhumi too

Anamika Bhat: #BBK7 #Chandan might have been irritating at most times..but he seems to be the most patient person(nominated all weeks)! Hope his immense passion for theater arts gets him to higher places in future!

blank.: By eliminating Chandan Achar, you have proved how fake your Bigg Boss show is. He had the highest fan following among all contestants! There is no way he could've got eliminated this week. I'm not watching your channel from today. #BBK7 #BiggBossKannada

Shravanthi TR: Wow wt a beautiful edit vijay prakash avr vioce chandan avr VT ge perfect haagi match agthitthu..... Kishan and chandan both are deserving contestants have to reach the finale but bad luck all the best for your future guys...... Bucket chanel bucket galige jaasthi bucket idyodu ad yelrigu gotthirode bidi

Suma Shree: Actually priyanka should go out......this is not fair to eliminate strong and good contestent both kishan and chand played very well.... But priyanka did nothing heartly say this week only her performance better other than nothing but y this show her saved I don't totally fakee...

Suma Nagarajan: Every time this happens in bigg boss house genuine person is sent out from the house and strategic people are inside. U played your game honestly Chandan no regrets you will have a bright future outside

bengaluruboy48: #BBK7@KicchaSudeep this is a serious question on the transparency of #BiggBossKannada7 How is #HarishRaj and #kishen worse CA got so many chances and never took initiative to entertain and had same so called strategy from day one. Thinking doing household work and not having stomach to put extra effort to win tasks. So whether he went now or after DD or PS, how does it matter ? He had to go #BBK7