Ninasam Sathish
Ninasam Sathish.PR Handout

Sathish Ninasam's latest movie Chambal has piqued the viewers' curiosity for multiple reasons and mainly because of the actor's looks, which have close resemblances to late IAS officer DK Ravi. The trailer has given more reasons for the viewers to find links between the movie and the officer in spite of the makers downplaying the visible connections.

"It is a fictional movie, which has been cleared by the censor board with 'U/A' certificate. Not just DK Ravi, people might see the likes of Madhukar Shetty (IPS officer) and N Santosh Hegde in the movie as it is about an honest officer. If you still find a connection, then it is a coincidence," Ninasam Sathish tells The International Business Times.

Sathish plays the role of an IAS officer in Chambal. The actor says that he was impressed with Jacob Varghese's Prithvi and wanted to do a similar kind of role since then. "Coincidentally, he came up with a story of an IAS officer again and I am lucky, he offered me the movie," Sathish says.

Talking about the role, Sathish feels, "It is a challenging character and comes as a breath of fresh air to my fans. After watching Chambal, people would definitely feel the need of having such officers in the society. It also might inspire many people to become honest and sincere officers,"

On asking about the preparation for the film, Sathish said, "I tried to study how the IAS officers act and behave in public. Also, I tried to understand their body language. Further, Jacob sir used to give constant inputs to me about the role which helped me to pull off the role without difficulties."

The movie, which has been shot in the places that include Bengaluru, Kolar and Sri Lanka, is releasing this Friday, 22 February. Dinesh Rajkumar and Mathew Varghese-produced film has Sonu Gowda playing the female lead.