Film: Chaman Bahaar

Director - Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann

Cast - Jitendra Kumar, Ritika Badiani, Bhuvan Arora, Alam Khan

Rating: 3

Living up to the expectations, Jitendra Kumar will blow your mind in Netflix's film Chaman Bahaar. Directed by Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann, the film is based out of Raipur and deals with a one-sided love story of panwala. The debutante director has beautifully amalgamated other aspects that happened inside the village in the name of power, politics and eve-teasing as the main highlight. The premise of the film largely focuses on male gazing. The two-hour film could have been crisper as the first half is a little etched out. However, the film starts to pick up during the second half. Starring Jitendra Kumar, Ritika Badiani, Bhuvan Arora, Alam Khan, the film will put a smile on your face.

jitendra kumar


An ambitious young man, in a small town in Central India,  Billu (Jitendra Kumar), sets up a paan shop to a floundering start. His fortunes start to change dramatically when a family shifts in the house across the road. Hordes of boys start following the teenage school-going girl Rinku (Ritika Badlani) from the family and set up an 'adda' at Billu's shop. His business flourishes tremendously but Billu is now unhappy than ever, as he has fallen for the girl himself, unbale to confesses his love till the end, Billu goes through a lot. Billu is supported by his two parasitic friends Chotu (Dhirendra Tiwari) and Somu (Bhuvan Arora) who is lovingly called daddy. Furthermore, his friends involve two rival political leaders Ashu (Ashwini Kumar) and Shila (Alam Khan) who also happen to start liking Rinku and from there the ruckus in Billu's life begins.


What happens to Billu and Rinku's one-sided love story? Will the two unite? Will there be 'Baahar' in panwala Billu's life? 


jeetu and rinku

The best thing about the film is Jitendra Kumar's performance from dialogues to dialect he has aced it all with panache, his body language and emotions will also catch your attention. Ritika Badiani as Rinku looks cute and is full of potential, although she has no dialogues in the film her emotions say it all. Bhuvan Arora and Dhirendra Tiwari are a delight to watch in the first half of the film. While Alam Khan looks captivating as he steals the limelight despite having Jitu in the frame. 



The writer has taken care of the minute detailing of this testosterone-y one-sided love story and male gazing film. Chaman Bahaar also talks about various aspects that happen in a rural area which include power, paisa, politics, police brutality. eve-teasing and his 'Ek tarfa Pyaar'. The song 'Do ka Chaar' goes well with the narrative as the lyrics justify the ongoing plot in the film.

chaman baahar


The first half is slow and could have been crisp. There is hardly anything for the female protagonist to do in the film. Although eve-teasing is shown in the film the focus starts diverting to other issues. Surprisingly, the girl Rinku doesn't react to the eve-teasing part at all.


Chaman Bahaar is quite an entertaining watch if you want to watch something funny yet heartfelt.  Watch it for Jitendra Kumar's flawless performance.