Director Venky Kudumula's Telugu movie Chalo featuring Naga Shaurya and Rashmika Mandanna in the lead roles has received mixed reviews and average ratings from the audience.

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Chalo is a romantic comedy movie, written and directed by debutant Venky Kudumula. The film is produced by Usha Mulpuri under the banner Ira Creations. The movie has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and it has a runtime of 2.25 hours.

Chalo movie story: The film revolves around the story of Hari (Naga Shourya), who finds joy in fights. Fed up with his nature, his parents send him to a place called Tirupppuram, which is divided into half by the Tamil and Telugu people and neither of the groups enters the other's perimeter.

Hari's parents think that he will stop fighting after seeing these groups. But the twist in the tale is that Hari falls in love with a Tamil girl Karthika (Rashmika). What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Analysis: Chalo deals with a routine romance story and its screenplay is predictable in parts. The director manages to keep you engaged with some interesting comedy and romantic scenes, say the audience.

Performances: Naga Shaurya and Rashmika Mandanna have delivered good performances and the sparkling chemistry between the two is the highlight of the movie. Achyuth Kumar, Naresh, Viva Harsha, Raghu Babu, Pragathi, Praveen, Satya, Sudharshan and Rajendran have done justice to their roles and they are also assets of the movie, say the filmgoers.

Technical: Chalo has good production values. songs and background score, picturisation, punch dialogues, action and dance choreography, say the viewers.

Chalo movie review live updates: We bring to you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. 

R a J i V‏ @RajivAluri

#Chalo is a timepass entertainer..Good 1st half, 2nd half started on dull note but @vennelakishore saved it..climax could be better. #NagaShourya ,Satya and #Rashmika were good..Good direction debut by Venky..Dialogues need special note..Overall a enjoyable entertainer

Kathi Mahesh‏ @kathimahesh

#Chalo is a decent rom-com with interesting premise. Curious set-up, promising love story and Satya 's comedy make-up for good first half. Second half is the downer by its farcical comedy. Nagshourya and Rashmika are good. Cinematography & Vennela Kishore are top class.

Bhargav Ram Jarugula @bhargav_ram555

#Chalo Good time pass movie with average content. Heroine ki vere vallatho dubbing cheppinchi unte inka bagundedi anipinchindhi. Decent Love Story.

B.Abhishek‏ @maverix111

First half done ...Okayish tp...few silly PJs here n heroines "cute" OA rod eppudu aaputaaro...#chalo Second half is a pakka is a going to boduppal (read this bio somewhr)...Rod ..silly n amateurish to the core ..not even Vennela Kishore can save this ..lame .. #Chalo

Rj Shiv‏ @rjshiv_a3

#Chalo is super fun Nice 1st half, ok 2nd half will give you lots of laughing moments @IamNagashaurya looks dashing & did nice job @iamRashmika looks cute and done very well Dir #Venky did good job & comedian #Satya steals da show @vennelakishore Arachakam Watch it

RaJiV‏ @RajivAluri

#Chalo is a timepass entertainer..Good 1st half, 2nd half started on dull note but @vennelakishore saved it..climax could be better. #NagaShourya ,Satya and #Rashmika were good..Good direction debut by Venky..Dialogues need special note..Overall a enjoyable entertainer

God of Masses‏ @ImkaNTRi

Bagundhi 1st half. Super entertaining Dialogues, dop Rashmika ❤️ #Chalo Avg 2nd half. Bad climax @vennelakishore comedy saved #Chalo

Akhil Sravan Kumar‏ @sravannerella00

A predictable and illogical village story blended with a over the top comedy which leaves you in the audience chair where you can neither enjoy completely nor get disappointed. #Chalo for timepass! Comedy and Cast songs

R V S Koundinya‏ @koundinyarvsai

#chalo hilarious and very well made movie @IamNagashaurya @iamRashmika was awesome and @vennelakishore rocked in 2nd half

HARI KIRAN‏ @harikiranroyal

#Chalo - Good 1st Half. Dialogues #Chalo - Good 1st Half. Okay 2nd half. Climax could have been better. Easily One Time Watchable.

Suresh Kondi‏ @V6_Suresh

Halfway through #Chalo..Super Entertaining so far.. @iamRashmika Looks. #Chalo is quite enjoyable.@IamNagashaurya is impressive and pulled it off with an ease. @iamRashmika looks cute & did a fab jobDebutant #VenkyKudumula succeeded in handling comedy genre film. @vennelakishore & #Satya will tickle your funny bone for sure.Hilarious comedy.

G Ranjith Kumar‏ @smm2ranjith

#Chalo View Point: Valid content that runs on hilarious comedy track throughout its narration makes it a happy watch. Congrats to @IamNagashaurya, @iamRashmika and @chalothefilm team. Guys, go.. Watch it

Rajesh Manne‏ @rajeshmanne1

#Chalo Is Hilarious Entertainer Charecters, comedy, songs, Interwell Point , Pre Climax , Screen Play Were Highlights of this film.

Sravani Lakshmi‏ @SravaniSayz

Entertaining first half.. Good going #Chalo Hittu Cinema manchi entertaining ga thisadu @VenkyKudumula .. @IamNagashaurya at his best .. Go and watch #Chalo

Pavan Kumar‏ @paulpavan78

Just done with #Chalo first half...Hilarious entertainer with edge-of-the-seat interval bang....Waiting for second half @IamNagashaurya @elurucnu. #Chalo Hilarious Comedy Entertainer film... Will be biggest commercial hit in @IamNagashaurya career. @iamRashmika wonderful as female lead. director @VenkyKudumula delivered best ... @vennelakishore & #Satya are hilarious... Sure Shot hit film... Watch with family and friends

sai srujan‏ @sai_pelluri

"Chalo has a decent premise with a good college backdrop and entertaining romance and comedy. First half has come to an end on an interesting note" @IamNagashaurya @iamRashmika @VenkyKudumula @chalothefilm #ChaloUSPremiersonFeb1st

Cinema Radar‏ @cinema_radar

#Chalo Movie Review - Enjoyable fare Entertaining first half and okay second half Comedy @IamNagashaurya & @iamRashmika Pair is superb Music is superb Predictable story , Avg 2nd half , climax It is time pass entertainer and easily Watchable - 3.0/5

Sandeep‏ @SandeepSpeakz

#Chalo :@IamNagashaurya's splendid show. #Shaurya looks at his best.Kudos to debutante director @VenkyKudumula 4 commendable job. @iamRashmika is a bundle of talent.She has bright career in T'wood. Comedy is biggest strength. As usual, @vennelakishore nails as Param. Go for it

Kumar Sriramaneni‏ @KumarTV5Cinema

#Chalo @IamNagashaurya rebuild his career with CHALO #Comedian Satya role generated lot of fun in first Off Second off @vennelakishore steal the show ''what an attitude" @iamRashmika given fresh feel to love story @VenkyKudumula screenplay nd dialogues superb #FUNKICHALO#Chalo Fun filled Entertainer IamNagashaurya gets a good comeback with CHALO @vennelakishore steal the show in the second half with his tremendous comedy timing. Heroine @iamRashmika lovely screen presence given fresh feel to the cute love story @VenkyKudumula #Chalo

Sumanth reddy‏ @DocSumanth

#chalo @IamNagashaurya @iamRashmika @VenkyKudumula #chalo review just the saw film in ukraine full too entertainment movie no one miss the movie nagashaurya and Rashmika acting superb @vennelakishore comedy peaks over all good movie

Venkatesh‏ @Venkatesh_ET

Super liked #Chalo. What a fun filled movie. 2018's first hit. @iamRashmika & @IamNagashaurya chemistry is such a joy to watch onscreen. Director @VenkyKudumula have a bright future. must see film thos weekend.

Prasadam Raghu‏ @RaghuStarMaa

#Chalo is a Good Entertainer.. @IamNagashaurya is too Good. @iamRashmika is Beautiful.. Dir #VenkyKudumula did fabulous job. @vennelakishore & #Satya r Hilarious.. Enjoyable film..