Chahna Soni
Chahna Soni

Soni, the young and emerging influencer and blogger, lays out a few tips on a healthy lifestyle.

Soni, graduated from SNDT University, Mumbai finishing her studies in Interior Designing and then went on to become a graduate from the Gemological Institute of America. However, since the beginning, Soni had realized the power of social media platforms and somehow believed that she could voice her opinions and views through the robust medium to spread across messages of positivity, self-love, fitness, beauty, and healthy lifestyle. This is how her journey into the blogging and influencing world began.

What she says on how to diet:

• Control the portion size: Soni explains that people must resort to eating food in controlled portions and in the right amounts. She says that avoiding breakfast can lead a person to feel too hungry. Having small portions allows people to consume fewer calories and also would let people enjoy almost all food items.

• Choose to drink a lot of fluids: Nothing beats water, it is the most essential fluid intake anyone can ever have, says Soni. She further explains that adults require to drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid every day. Apart from water, people can have fruit juices, soups, milk, etc.

• Eat almost all varieties of food: Soni points out that a body needs over 40 different nutrients and all this only gets possible when a person chooses to eat almost all varieties of food. Also, a balanced diet should be taken care of, says Soni.

• Choose any physical activity: The young influencer believes that people of all age groups even with health conditions must choose some form of physical exercise; whether it is just walking, climbing the stairs, playing a sport or doing any other physical activity. This, when becomes a habit, leads people towards a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.