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Consumer Electronics Show or CES is one of the largest tech events and also the first of many events to happen every new year. This year's CES 2018 in Las Vegas will be home to several nascent and out-of-the-world tech ideas and most companies are going to show their best talents.

When we are talking about major brands, it's unfair to leave Samsung, which has already revealed a host of new products that will be showcased at the upcoming tech event. CES 2018 is taking place from January 9 till January 12 and Samsung's three new projects – GoBreath, S-Ray and Relúmĭno glasses – straight out of its C-Lab (Creative Lab) will be displayed on those days.

Let's start with GoBreath. The aptly named device is sort of a smart inspirometer to help people with lung damage and postoperative pulmonary complications to recover faster. GoBreathe was developed by a Samsung Medical Center doctor and connects to your smartphone app to teach patients helpful techniques like inspiration, coughing or deep breathing. Patients can also track their lungs recovery through the app and help doctors monitor their patients' progress remotely.

Samsung GoBreath
Samsung GoBreathSamsung Newsroom

Another interesting device to be unveiled at the CES 2018 is Relúmĭno smart glasses, which aims to help people with visual impairments see things more clearly and even read the text without strain. Since the glasses rely on your smartphone, which does the heavy lifting, Relúmĭno glasses are designed to be lightweight.

Samsung Relúmĭno smart glasses
Samsung Relúmĭno smart glassesSamsung Newsroom

In case you're wondering how Relúmĭno glasses are helpful, here's how they work. The smartphone processes images from videos projected through the camera on the glasses and then the processed images are sent back to Relúmĭnoand floated into the display of the glasses for the wearer to see things clearly. It's a high-tech visual aid for people with low vision.

Samsung S-Ray portable directional speaker
Samsung S-Ray portable directional speakerSamsung Newsroom

Finally, there's S-Ray (Sound Ray) portable speaker, which is not an ordinary speaker. It is a directional speaker, which can be carried around as a Neckband, Handy and even a smartphone cover. It'll pair with your smartphone using Bluetooth and skip the need for plugging in those earplugs. Talk about how people can overcome 3.5mm headphone jack and wireless headphones, and here's your queue.

More details on the products and possible demonstrations will be done at the CES 2018 event.

"Since launching five years ago, our C-Lab program has gained exciting momentum across Samsung, helping foster an innovation culture, and providing avenue for our creative, talented employees to pursue innovative new projects. We will continuously introduce innovative projects through our C-Lab program" Jaiil Lee, Vice President and Head of the Creativity & Innovation Center at Samsung Electronics, said in a press statement.