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Pahlaj Nihalani, the new chairman of the Central Board of Film Certification, has released a list of words that cannot be used in the films.

Nihalani sent the list to the Producers' Association and Regional Officers on Wednesday.

The list of words included predictable English and Hindi cuss words. According to the new list, words which glorify bloodshed, violence against the woman as well as double meaning words will be banned. The board has also forbid the use of Mumbai as Bombay.

"It has been noticed that some of the objectionable words/abusive words are not still deleted from the films. The details of such words are given below. All ROs are directed not to allow such words in any category of the certificate. This is also applicable to regional languages films," the board notice read.

The circular has gone viral on Twitter and has drawn criticism from twitteratti. Also, censor board member Ashoke Pandit expressed his disappointment over the list of banned words.

Earlier this month, Pandit created controversy after he referred "AIB Knockout" videos as a porn show. He also said that Karan Johar, host of AIB Roast show, should "show his position while performing sex to his mom at home."

"Did the police give permission to #AIB even after they knew what B stands for?#Bakchod."

However, he criticized the board's decision to ban cuss words from the films.

"I as a Filmmaker & #CBFC board member do not endorse the list issued by the Chairperson On words not to be used in films.I ws nt consulted," he tweeted.

"Does the #ChairpersonCBFC endorse other bad words which are not in this list can be used in the films.?#Antifilmmakers."

"The list of words 'not to be used in films' issued by the Chairperson is against the freedom & creative liberty of a filmmaker. #CBFC"

"If I am portraying the character of Dawood in my film, he will use the language as per his character & not what a saint would use. #CBFC"

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