VK Sasikala, Sasikala Natarajan, Chinamma
Sasikala Natarajan set to become the next Tamil Nadu CM.IANS

With VK Sasikala aka Sasikala Natarajan, also known as Chinnamma, set to become the next Tamil Nadu chief minister, a few of her critics, including celebrities, have started raising their voice against the close aide of the late CM, J Jayalalithaa.

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Actress Ranjini, who has acted in many Tamil and Malayalam movies, is one of those who have opened up on the matter. She said: "I am raising my voice for the people of Tamilnadu....how can we accept Ms Sasikala Natarajan to be The Chief Minister?"

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Through her Facebook page, the Chithram actress also questioned the qualifications of Sasikala, who was once the "personal servant of Jayalalithaa" to become the CM of the South Indian state. "What qualifications does she has apart from being AMMA's personal servant....Does The Mannargudi Mafia thinks that the people of Tamilnadu are STUPID?," she posted. Ranjini also requested people in Tamil Nadu to rise and stand against the issue, like they fought for Jallikattu recently, in order to save the AIADMK, founded by charismatic actor MGR that was later taken over by Amma.

The world saw the power of youngsters for "Jallikattu", now I would like to see the people's power to overthrow this nonsense.....AIADMK was founded by The Charismatic and lovable actor and Chief Minister, The Late MGR, after his demise, the beloved AMMA took charge and she has done her justice effectively. Tamil makkal, please stop Sasikala the criminal from becoming The Chief Minister and save AIADMK.....a leader should possess good qualifications and experiences to take-up an important role. To become a Chief Minister, it even requires more...people think about how Sasikala barricaded everyone from AMMA during her last daysLet God save Tamilnadu and I sincerely hope that The President of India, Mr Pranab Mukerjee will impeach this criminal "coup".

My vote isn't for you: Sofia Ashraf
Tamil rapper and singer Sofia Ashraf has also expressed her disapproval with the state having Sasikala as the next Tamil Nadu CM. The singer and her crew members walked to Poes Garden on Sunday night, singing an angry song against the unexpected events in the state following the death of Jayalalithaa. Towards the end of the live Facebook video, a policeman is seen disrupting their performance, but the team argues by saying they are not doing anything illegal. The video has already gone viral on social media, with netizens lauding the rapper for their brave attempt.

My vote wasn't for you. The city is filled up with your cut-outs. Step into the hood for once. Weak prattle for the sake of votes. Lies, just gas. You come and go by my streets, spreading riots. Your manifesto is half baked. What are you gonna offer now? Minister who have been elected, without elections are not welcome." -- Sofia and team are heard singing [translated from Tamil to English by The Newsminute].

Netizens submit online petitions against Sasikala
In an attempt to react against Sasikala coming to power, netizens have started signing online petitions to be forwarded to Indian President. Dissolve TN govt and Stop Sasikala from becoming Tamilnadu CM, Don't Appoint Sasikala as Chief Minister, Stop Sasikala becoming Tamilnadu CMand Say NO to Sasikala are some of the petitions that have surfaced online and are being signed by thousands of netizens.

Sasikala's name was nominated for the CM's post after current incumbent chief minister O Panneerselvam announced his resignation on Sunday, February 5, at the party's internal meeting, clearing the route for Chinnamma. Sasikala is expected to take the oath soon.