When you think celebrity, you think glitz, glamour and fashion; but there is also a lot of negativity these famous people have to face when in that spotlight. Dealing with death hoaxes would be topper in that list, and many celebrities have had to deal with it.

In 2015 alone, quite a lot of our favourite actors and actresses with falsely "killed" by the internet. As we head towards the New Year, here's a look at some of the celebrities who have had to watch themselves be "killed", and hope that the trend stops with 2015:

Adam Sandler: In September 2015, a fake news site reported that the "Hotel Transylvania" actor died after battling depression for a long time. The news was made believable with "quotes" from his wife Jackie and even a police statement. Many heartbroken fans even wrote eulogies for him, while others expressed disbelief.

Jackie Chan: The martial arts star took matters in his own hands when a death hoax about him spread online. He posted on his official Facbook page: "I was shocked by two news reports when I got off the plane. First of all, don't worry! I'm still alive." Thanks to the post, his fans were all relieved and wished him a long life unmarred by such insensitive reports.

Maggie Wheeler: The actress best known as Janice from the long-running sitcom "Friends", too, became the target of death hoax stories in August, when some websites claimed she was found dead in her bedroom. They even claimed she possibly suffered a heart attack, devastating many fans. However, it was later confirmed by her attorney that she is alive and well, following which the Facebook fan page, where the rumour originated, rectified their mistake.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Another celebrity who fell victim to death hoaxes was Austrian-American actor and bodybuilder and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger. Fake reports in August claimed the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) responded to a 911 emergency call and found the actor's unresponsive body in his bedroom. They even quoted LAPD chief James F Freda to make it seem realistic. However, the reports were debunked after the former California governor was later spotted at a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Rowan Atkinson: The "Mr Bean" actor was rumoured to be dead yet again in August 2015, after a Facebook page titled "RIP Rowan Atkinson" went viral. A post claimed Atkinson died, but provided no information as to how or when, and the page itself was deleted soon after the news went viral. However, in the short span, many fans who adored him mourned his death, and were shocked on learning that it was a cruel prank.