The staff at the office of Bengaluru-based tech giant Infosys on Monday cheered the news of Indian-origin British Conservative politician Rishi Sunak making it to the post of UK Prime Minister, terming the development "double Diwali dhamaka".

There was a palpable enthusiasm among the Infosys employees as many sat glued to television screens to stay updated about the political events unfolding in London.

A collective cheer rang out among a group of young IT professionals when it became clear that Sunak had the field all to himself after his sole contestant Penny Mordaunt withdrew.

Rishi Sunak
Rishi SunakIANS

"It is a double Diwali dhamaka for us. We sat before the television just like we were glued to watch the nail-biting cricket match between India and Pakistan. The Diwali celebration started on Sunday itself. The election of Rishi Sunak, on the day of festival, made us extremely happy and proud," Harsha Kumar, a senior software engineer said.

"It is a matter of honour. It showcases our prowess and it is a proud moment for the whole country," said Chandrashekar Sundar, another software professional.

"It's an emotional connect for me," said Rahul, a software engineer.

Infosys founder Narayana Murthy, however, is yet to react to the developments.

Sunak had married Murthy's daughter - Akshata, in 2009.

Britain unveils coin on Mahatma to mark Diwali.
Britain unveils coin on Mahatma to mark Diwali.

Sources in Infosys stated that the company and as well as the family is closely watching the developments and looking forward to the formal swearing in ceremony.

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