Gemma Newitt from Saint Austell, United Kingdom, who recently caught a pervert red-handed while he was trying to take inappropriate photos of her, was suprised to know that it is not an illegal act.

The incident happened when 20-year-old Newitt was shopping at a co-operative store in St Austell, where a man followed her and took photos of her derrière.

CCTV footages from the store clearly show the man's inappropriate act twice, but when she approached the police to register a complaint, Newitt was shocked to know that they could not arrest him as he "hasn't commited any crime". 

However, police have reportedly advised him against his improper behaviour.

According to Crown Prosecution Service, offenders can be jailed up to two years only if they are "filmed doing a private act or if an equipment has been installed".

"So apparently following someone in to a supermarket and taking innapropriate pictures of them without their knowledge or consent is not an illegal act! FUMING!!!!!!!," the accountancy student of St Austell College posted on her Facebook handle.

Meanwhile, the man, identified as Karl Leggatt (28), has reportedly claimed that he tried to take the photos as "she had a nice bum". "It was a bad mistake by myself, I was in a bad place," Leggatt said, according to The Sun.

Even though his act was captured by the CCTV cameras, Leggatt claimed that he took her photos as he was in a queue. Furious over it, Newitt reacted to it on social media: "Holy shit are you joking me! He even tried to lie about being in a queue and then told the cctv showed that was bullshit he came up with someone stupid answer! The police did find evidence on his phone but deleted it at my request!".

Watch the video of the incident below: